• 2020-21 Physical Education

    Hello vikings, Due to our current situation & how classes are set up I will use my web page to also post the tutorials needed for class. For the month of January I will have both Ms. Rasmussen's & Ms. Thompson's students in the weight / wellness rooms. I do not have access to their teams pages & I cannot post the tutorials on them. This will provide a second methos for you to access the information needed for class.



  • Sunday July 5th

    'Service Before Self' Vikings 'Service Before Self'

    Mr. Decarlo made t-shirts with that on the back of them, I can't remember what they were for, sports, Model U.N. or something else he was involved in (there were alot)!

    What it was that made me think about that quote & Mr.DeCarlo and eventually many others is kind of strange, no actually it was pretty sad. But since I am mentioning Mr. DeCarlo I will also include Ms. Houlihan, Mr Peachey and all others who have retired from MHS in 2020 and moved on. You will be missed!

    Any way, I took my daugher into the city to practice driving for her road test. Getting off of 490 I saw a figure who was bent at the waist pretty severely  & as we got closer it  was evident he was very old. He was holding a sign that said 'Please Help' We were two lanes over & I didn't react quick enough to get any money out. Both of us in the car were upset and we made a loop around to give him some money. He was gone by the time we got back. 

    On the way home we decided to cut across Ridge Road and when we got to the Kodak area I noticed a much younger man who also had a sign. I don't know what it said, he wa facing traffic coming the other way. It was a busy intersection (Ridge / rte 104 & Lake). He had a noticable limp & appeared to have some sort or physical disability. It is still bothering me that I could not or we did not change our course or plans in time to help them a little bit. 

    My wife used to pack zip lock care package bags for a group of homeless people who would stand at the intersection she exited 590 to get to work. My kids would help her make them for 'her people', & that is one of the many reason's I love my wife & kids. The intersection configuration has since been changed due to construction and she no longer sees them on her way to & from work. She often says she worries about them. We were talking on our deck awhile ago & she said our kids generation will figure things out, they will do a better job than we are with making earth better for all.  I smiled because I immedialtey thought about my 3 kids, & then all of my kids which include you. So class of 2020, & all other Vikings I am really hoping you figure out how to do a better job than previous generations with helping others by following  Mr. DeCarlos t-shirt quote "Service Before Self' !

    Pursue your dreams, live large, prosper, and get yours, but please try & help those who need some along the way!      Make it Better   

    By the way a reward of 1 delicious scone of your choice from the famousl MHS Coffee/ Snack Bar (pending we are in session this fall) to the 1 st individual (probably the only 1 individual who checks this page out of my 226 students) that can email me the name of the song and the band who wrote the classis rock song that included the lyrics make it better in it. 

    Other news, you know I love my birds, & yes still getting visits from an Oriole or two, all of the wood peckers, grossbeak and many others, a  regular avian delight. 

  • Thursday June 4th 2020

    Hello Vikings,

    The directions for lock clean out for 9-11th grade students is shown below. Remember you are going to keep your lock & locker for next year, so please follow the directions.

    Seniors will be actually turning in their locks by cleaning out their locker scanning it & then placing it the bucket with their 2nd semester teachers name on it.

    Please follow the directions on the guide below!!

    Take care Mr. northrup

Lock Collection Informatin
  • June 1st 2020

    Happy Monday Vikings,

    I will celebrate the coming of June with another music trivia question. This song had the word step in the title & I have included the  name of this 80's & 90's band in one of my main page greeting / headings. I  am anticipating an exhilarating response from my many students. you have 2 minutes to email the answer once I post today's message. As always the winner will be recepient of a delicous apple cinnamon scone from the Mendon coffee shop, my favorite coffe place in Monroe county!

    News for you

    1st Birding & now Disc Golf - Love it, Played twice this summer, once with Mr. Tripp, Hurley & Schrieb & another with Mr. Tripp & Coach Rose. Walking distance was over two miles each time. Both courses included hills and as a result I was able to get my heart rate elevated into the low 130's a couple of times while playing.

    After a lack luster 1st performance I decided to visit one my favorite colleagues & professional disc golfer (hall of famer as well) our very own Mr. D. Corea. Included with the lesson was a very memorable tour of Mr. Corea's awards gallery, which by the way was filled with many posters of him playing in fornt of several hundred spectators & a copius amount of really cool awards. Thank you Mr. Corea because of your tutelage I was able to advance my place finish from dead last to second place.

    Get out and try it, there are several places to play near Mendon high School!

    On another note I have included on the exericse page a power point summary (work in progress) on distance running & common over use injuries. If interested check it out & let me know if you want more information. Doing that nudges me to continue updating. 




    Mr Corea Himself

  • Happy Memeorial Day Mendon Vikings!!

    What a birdalicious day we are having here

    I hope you and you families are able to enjoy the beautiful weather. I have just one piece of information to give you regarding the activity journal. The link below for the 4th period is bleow for you log your physical activity into when you can. Take care and enjoy The holliday and upcoming week of great weather. As I mentioned in the video the Orioles have arrived, multiple Woodpeckers, Grossbeaks & Finches.


    Journal # 4


  • Wednesday May 20th 2020

    I hope everyone is staying well. I beleive I heard the spring weather will be here by the weekend so get outside & safely enjoy it.

    Below is a link to a power point summary / presentation that is on going. I have been re-reading the McArdle Hatch Essentials of Exercise Physiology text & recording some things. It is a work in progress & I will edit into smaller chunks with time.

    I am also in the process of listening to a NSCA conference presentation regarding high protein diets. I will post some informtion regarding that soon. I know many of you are excited to dive in & read.

    Please Complete your Activity Journals by going to the Journal Exercise Page, clicking on the link & completeing the form!!!

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.

  • Tuesday May 12, 2020

    Goodmorning Vikings,

    Just a couple things for you today

    1) Please remember to stay up to date with your journal entries, I still have several students who have not submitted their activity journal for the 4/23 through 5/13 time period.

    2) I have placed the link to acces the 3rd round on the Journal Entry Page.

  • Go to Journal Exercise Entry page & click on the link to get you to the Form

  • Thursday May 7th

    Happy Thursday Vikings,

    It looks like it will be a good day to get outside & enjoy the day. I am hoping to go on a hike today & get some birding in for a couple of hours.  Please be sure to stay on top of  your bi-weekly activty journal & get them to me.

    My recent reading material has been focusing on nutrition a macronutrients. I will be adding some nutrition content to the site soon, hopefully you will find it interesting. The 1st installment will deal with carbohydrates. My goal is for content to be informative but short & to the point. As with all material it is a work in progress & will be updated,changed improved as time goes on.

    As always take care & let me know if you need any help with anything!


If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.

  • Sunday May 3 20

    Just saw the 1st Rose Breasted Grossbeak of the year@10:48 this a.m. big day here

    Exercise Log (so far)  @805 a.m. 228 total reps between 20 & 24 minutes total activity time 

    2 rounds of leg crank + a couple of extras sets

    R#1=2r g-squats 35#-24r=lunge 10#-24r, cycled s-jumps-24r, s-jumps-24r + 95#-6r squats

    R#2- 35#-24r, lunges bdy.24r, cycled s-jumps-24r, s-jumps 24r Squats-95#-6r

    Squats 95#-6r

    Rev Crunch-8r, curl up -8r

    Backyard Birding - Saw my favs = Downy , Red Bellied, Pileated & also a Cardinals, Blue Birds, American Goldfinch, Housefinch, Crow,House sparrow

    Get Outside & enjoy the day



  • Thursday April 30

    I hope you & your families are well! I will start this week's addition by suggesting that you remember to stay on top of your journal entries.  I understand you have alot going on but please take 3 - 4 minutes to take care of that responsibility. Some students still had questins on expectations & procedures for completing them. if you still are unsure please reach out & let me know so I can help you.

    I have slipped on entering my own wellness & physical activities into my log. The weather has reduced my goal of getting to a park or trail more often to either  hike or to keep up with my birding. I have enoyed watching a Pileated Woodpecker destroy the suet cake I put out in my back yard though. Backyard Birding


    I have also been trying to keep up with various books & journals, some for the 1st time & others re-introducing myself to.  I recently purchased the latest edition of  Essentials of Exercise Physiology by Wm. McCardle, F. Hatch, & V. Hatch. which is considdred by many to be the gold standard in that field. I have include a breif 3-4 slide summary on the importance of getting enough fiber in your diet. Take a minute a navigate to the Exercise Articles Page to check it out if you like.

    I will be adding some more short summaries regarding  basic nutrition information as I continue with my reading. Let me know if there is something you would like me to include for you & I will try to dig up relevant informatin for you.

    Take care & Stay Safe



  • Thursday 4-23-2020

    Good morning,

    Types of jump training can be included into your at home workout regardless if you have acces to equipment or not. Both athletes looking to improve performance & others with fitness/wellness goals can benefit from adding jumps & then more intense plyometric training into their routine. As with all exercises you have to choose exercises that are best for your current level of experience & ability. Athletes also need to consider what transfers best to their desired sport demands & performance goals.

    No matter what your training experience it's considered prudent to ease into any program & develop essential skills & the strength needed to do a jump/plyometric program. A recent NSCA Jurnal Article discusses plyometric training & sports performance. I have included a Ppt. summary on the exercise summary page if you are interested.

    If you would like more informatin contact me & I will help you out!

  • 4/16/2020

    Good Morning Mendon Vikings,

    I hope you are all hanging in there. I thought I would post my activity log for this week so you can you use it as a reference if you like. One thing to note is some of the acitivy that I did was not very long in duration. The important thing is that I did some sort of physical activity for that day.  When I did the shorter duration work tried to choose activity that would substationally raise my heart though (leg cranks & bike intervals). A couple of athletes emailed me about adjusting pull-ups so they can execute vertical pulling exercises (pulldown & ups). Both have a rack to execute barbell lifts in but do not have a cable pulldown machine. If  you are tired of doing Dumbbell, barbell & Inverted rows I will show you how to scale your pull-ups so you can get reps & build strength & some muscle mass. Also rmember I made refernce to Spud Inc. earlier as they make a pulldown set up that attaches to the overhead crossbar on a rack or a steel beam in your basement. I'm sure it does not have the same feel as a musch more expensive cable machine but it better than nothing.

    I will be honest I am beginning to get in a slump as this routine continues. I generally do not like to sit for long periods of time, especially at a computer. If this is becoming challenging, you are not alone! 

    So as one famous Canadian power trio band (not rush) once said "Fight the Good Fight". 1st student who emails me the correct answer to whom I am refering to will receive a delicious apple cinamin scone from the coffe bar when we return to our beloved MHS.

    Take care & give the best that you can!

    Exercise Log

    Monday 4/13/2020

    A.M. Hiking / Birding @ Ellison Park 1.4 miles 1 hr.

    P.M. 1 ½ Rounds of the lower body HIT “leg Crank” warm-up & work = 10 minutes total

    Round # 1 24 goblet squats 25# followed by 24 lunges (12 each leg) 24 (12 each leg) cycled slit squat jumps (24 ¼ depth squat jumps) Round # 2 cut reps in ½

    Tuesday 4/14/2020

    Air-dyne Bike Intervals 2 minutes building intensity (rpm / speed & heart rate).  various planks as an active rest. Tried to keep it a 1 work to 1 rest ratio for 4 rounds. Only about 15-16 minutes of exercise.

    Wednesday 4/15/2020

    Upper body H-push = Bench Press & Dumbbell Inclines multiple sets & reps. about 30 minutes of work.

    The video below explains how to scale pull-ups to current ability level



  • Wednesday 4/15/2020

    Please remember we want you to stay safe, healthy & active. Don't forgot to navigate to the Journal Exercise Entries page & click on the journal link so you can enter your physical activity twice per week. It should take only a couple of minutes to complete the journal entry & again we are only asking for 2 entries per week.


  • Monday 4-13-2020

    Activity Journals

    Hello, If you go to the Journal Exercise Entries Page & click on the link you will be taken to the activity journal that needs to be filled out. Please enter your activity 2 times per week & upon completion of your activity submit to me.


  • Friday 4/10/2020

    Good Afternoon Mendon Students

    I hope you all are well! Please remember to take some time & enjoy being together with your family!  I have tought my kids how to play euchre & as a result they leave their rooms a few evenings a week & actually spend time with their parents! Also have taken this time to dive into birding on a deeper level & have left you all a brief message on my Viking Tube Page when I was on the trail. My Birding goal for this year is lure some Orioles into my backyard. 



    I challenge you all to experience some new & different activities while you have some extra time on your hands (in theory). I will be updating my fitness / activity log as well, In case you are interested what I have been up to as I challenge myself to stay healthy & make the best of this situation.

    As we move into the next phase of distance learning please remember to get your Pittsford email accounts squared away so you are able to successfully complete the Activity Journal that I will be required of you to complete. I will be filling you in on the procedure for that on Monday evening.

    Take Care & enjoy your weekend




  • Tuesday 4-7-2020

    Hey footbag Enthusiasts

    Mrs. Rasmussen shared this website with me in case I wanted to refine my style!


    The Rochester Footbag Association (http://www.rochesterfootbag.com)

    Check out the article below

  • Sunday April 5th 2020

    Hi Mendon,

    I have been telling my family & friends that I am going to start hiking on the county park trails. I went to the County Parks Page for some information. I am sure you have seen the link somewhere else by now by thought I would re-post it anyway for you to use a reference in case you haven't. I will eventually move to another page at a later day.

    I do miss seeing everyone, take care, I hope you & your family are well!



  • Friday 4/3/2020

    Hello Mendon, Under usual circumstances we all would be gearing up for our spring badminton tournament. I am trying to make the best out of this situation by taking this time to catch up on a lot reading, watching webinars, listening to podcasts etc etc. Not very exciting or enjoyable as watching the tournament progress, that is for sure.

    If you have taken some time to look around the page you have noticed it is always changing. Be patient, I am still playing around with formatting the content so it is easy to access it & find things that may be helpful or interesting to you.

    Also as things are changing everyday & your teachers will keep you informed of those changes as they arise. Again, I am checking email every day, available to find information, ideas that will help you stay acitve or be successful with your chosen sport.

    Stay active & healthy, I miss seeing you all!


    Thursday 4/2/2020
    Face to Face - Use Zoom to ask questions or request information regarding physical education & resources. Send me an email and we can set up a Zoom appointment.  Appointments can be made at any time a long as they do not intefer with other departments office hours.    

    Wednesday 4/1/2020

    NSCA Journal Article Notes regarding building muscle mass added to fitness ideas.

    Tuesday 3/31/2020

    I will create a file / page for yoga progressions & flows created for physical education class & move the posted below to it along with a diiferent created for the same class.  the 1st one posted had a bit more a core/torso focus the second is centered around lower body mobility.

    Monday 3/30/2020 Additions:

    Good morning,

    I hope you and & your families are doing well. I did add some modifications to some of the metabolic circuits / "cranks" & workouts. there a couple of suggestions for regular workouts that target the core,  legs & primarily upper body Horizontal push. Not knowing who has acces to equipment, those things are easy to program. I mentioned on the exercise suggestions page that I am playing around with the Plt4m site again. It takes me more time to navigate around & get things the way I like it causing me to avoid using it. I will let you know when I have completed something on that page for you to do. As with everything regarding fitness & performance, remember to take what you like & seems appropriate for you from whatever program you use.

    Lastly if you are interested I will be putting some articles to read on exercise & performance on one of the other pages. I am currently re-reading some things on hypertrophy, so they will be added soon.

    Get out & be acitve for awhile today.  Sitting down & adding to the page gives me some time to think about all of you. I don't say it too often but I really do enjoy seeing ya'll!

    A few years I had a class of guys who real beauties! Most were athletes & hated working our in class but insisted they would do some sort of yoga flow / routine if I did it with them. So here it is. It is very basic but we all did a few times & for the most part the guys liked it. It is a timed slide show presentation so you watch it in whole. Or leave it alone, it's your choice ! This is still a work in progress & will be edited from time to time.

    Class Yoga PPT.

Spring 2020 Information

Mendon Viking Logo
  • I will be updating my site on a regular basis. Some things that I will be adding will include:

    • Suggestions on types of physical activity,
    • Reviews / summary's of physical education & sports performance articles 
    • Remote learning opportunities
    • Tips & guidelines on activities if & when you choose to do them

    Feel free to contact me at any time


    Please be sure to re-familiarize yourself with your PCSD email as I may need to contact you via owa & office 365 when appropriate.

    Please stay healthy & be safe

  • A message from the Cooper Institute of Aerobic Fitness

    Staying active and fit is a critical part of staying healthy. Although many schools and businesses are sending people home, it doesn’t mean that you and your family can’t still be physically active. 

    Instead of spending the next few days or weeks binge-watching TV and playing video games, try finding fun activities to keep the whole family active. Walking, hiking, riding bikes, and playing outside are all fun ways to avoid cabin fever, improve fitness and enjoy quality family time while maintaining a safe “social distance” from others. There are also plenty of fitness classes to stream online to keep everyone busy and active. Instead of spending the next few days or weeks binge-watching TV and playing video games, try finding fun activities to keep the whole family active. Walking, hiking, riding bikes, and playing outside are all fun ways to avoid cabin fever, improve fitness and enjoy quality family time while maintaining a safe “social distance” from others. There are also plenty of fitness classes to stream online to keep everyone busy and active. Instead of spending the next few days or weeks binge-watching TV and playing video games, try finding fun activities to keep the whole family active. Walking, hiking, riding bikes, and playing outside are all fun ways to avoid c

    “Our research has shown time and time again that fitness and physical activity improves our overall health and quality of life,” said Dr. Laura DeFina, President, CEO and Chief Science Officer of The Cooper Institute. “This is a great time to focus on our health by making fitness a priority for the whole family.

  • Since I added some metabolic type circuits to the page under athletes I figured I would try & do some myself to elevate my heart rate & add some lean muscle, if possible. As a result I will be creating my activity log & putting it on the page as well. I am hoping some of you will log your stuff as well. Do it for fun, think of your own, & remember to appropriately scale it.

    I found the circuits when looking around on the NSCA web site. they are taken form juan Carlos Santana's presentation at a conference. Altough the exercises are not new & the concept has been round for awhile I thought I would use his protocol.

    The platform app. has been posting ideas on a regular basis. I will also incorporate some of their stuff as well.

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  • Sunday 3-21-2020

    General & sports related fitness material has been added to the sub pages / folders menu. Feel free to check it out if interested

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