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    Physical Education Mission:

    To provide quality educational experiences that develops the physical, social, emotional, and cognitive skills necessary for all students to be fit and active for their lifetime.

    We believe…..

    -         a comprehensive k-12 curriculum offers a variety of developmentally appropriate activities to give students the tools necessary to set and achieve individual fitness goals

    -         all students have equal opportunities to participate in a quality physical education program

    -         student assessment data drives decisions that drive instruction

    -         21st century critical thinking and creative problem solving skills enhance leadership

    -         character education and social perspective taking builds strong leaders and good citizens

    -         in giving students the data they need to make healthy choices and create personal fitness goals

    -         in providing differentiated instruction to challenge all learners regardless of ability

    -         students need to be educated consumers and take advantage of community resources for a lifetime of wellness

    -         physical education lessons should maximize participation for all learners


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