Dietz bros


  • 2019-20

    English 9 Honors - 1st (LGI)

    Public Speaking - 2nd and 3rd (LGI) First semester; 3rd and 4th Second (LGI) semester

    I have been an English educator for twenty-four years and have been at Pittsford Mendon High School for fourteen of those. I love peanut M&Ms, chocolate chip cookies, interesting words, sunny days, the beach, music, laughing, exercising, Disney World, traveling, and most of all, my husband, two sons, and cat, Harper Luna Dietz. I sincerely believe that creamed corn, the not-even-a-real-word “supposably,” and the entire month of March should be done away with. I am from the Rochester area but lived on the sunny coast of North Carolina for nearly ten years. Though I have an outgoing, enthusiastic personality, I truly savor quiet moments each day too—for balance, re-charging, and peace.

    Known as “Dietz” to many students, I am honored to have a career that allows me to work with young people who consistently inspire, motivate, and surprise me.



Honors 9 students holding homemade masquerade masks
Honors 9 students holding homemade masquerade masks
  • While we are out of school, I can be contacted via my school email or Remind.