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Mrs. O'Dell

  • This year we will be exploring many engaging pieces of literature. These works will show us exactly how words can be powerful. You will also find how compelling your own words can be and develop those skills through many different writing activities. 

    This website will be a useful resource to help you succeed in Language Arts. I will let you know when I have uploaded important information to enhance our class work. 

    I also provide a homework calendar for all of my English classes. Please check the calendar daily. I am excited to have a successful year together!  


    My Schedule 

    English 9R Periods 1 (Room 126) and 6 (Room 118)

    English 9H Periods 2 (Room 126) and 4 (Room 126)

    Film as Literature Period 7 (first semester)/ Period 8 (second semester) (LH2B)





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