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  • On my page you will be able to find important information about your coursework as well as some of the weblinks that will be used frequently which will be very helpful on your journey to mastering the French language and become better informed about the francophone cultures from around the world. 


    OFFICE 365 TEAMS is the main communication tool for all of my classes. 

    Here is a list of useful links to access for my classes:

   / This site will be used mainly as a formative assessment tool for growth in vocabulary and structure at each level of instruction.  / This site will be used continuously for learning new vocabulary and some structure. It provides audio to help with prononciation and retention of material as well 

                                    as a multitude of platforms and games for students to enjoy while learning. It also provides live game opportunities for the classroom or remote.   / This site is used as a game platform to challenge and provide formative assessment for students and teachers during the learning of the material. / This site is also a game platform that will be used as a challenge and formative assessment tool for students and teacher. 

   / This site is a very interactive game site full of strategies to achieve the main goal.  It is also used as a motivational tool to engage students in the learning.  /  This site will be used mostly to improve listening skills and cultural knowledge. It offers the teacher the opportunity to embed questions within videos. It

                                         provides rich and wide array of cultural and linguistic videos where students can listen and relisten at their own speed.

   This site will allow students with their code to access current cultural readings from around the francophone world.


    For Advanced Language Learners:

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