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Degrees and Certifications:

Miss LaBarr


AP CSA - If you need to resolve an INC from Spring 2020

Choose one of the following:

* Complete FRQ3, FRQ6, and FRQ9. (available in Class Notebook)

* Complete one of the six final project options. (available in Class Notebook)

* Complete unit 10 in AP CS Awesome. (click the link)

* Watch three of these videos and write a summary about what you've learned. (click the link)


AP CSA - If you are taking the course in 2020-21 & want an intro/practice

* Try Unit 1.2 through 1.7 at CS Awesome.


Looking for some fun things to do this summer?

1) Help your family.  Helping with dinner? Here is my favorite recipe site.  You can enter the ingredients you have available and see possible recipes.

2) Do a virtual museum tour.

3) Draw a picture. Write lyrics to a song that describe what's going on in that picture.

4) Try to beat my high score of 4096 in the game 2048.

5) Learn to code at code.org (great for beginner) or through Codecademy (covers more advanced if you're looking to learn a new language).

6) Make a board game or invent a new sport using materials in your home.

7) Make a list of things you are grateful to have in your life. Can include people, places, personal qualities, foods, hobbies, or... it's up to you! Add to the list each day and see if you can list 100.

8) Create a poem, haiku, or meme related to what you are learning in class.

9) Call or video chat with a friend or relative.

10) Read a book.