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AP Psychology

  • For Mr. Donner’s Government Classes: PIG Final review packet and answers are on the Government section of this website.


    For Mr. Donner’s Sociology/Psychology Classes:  We are not assigning any coursework at this time.   Please check your email for updates.   The Family Project is no longer due at this time.


    For Mr. Donner’s AP Psychology Classes:  


    We have one unit to cover for the AP exam.   Please check your email for important information about the changes to the exam; also, put April 3rd on your calendar to check your email for updates to the AP test format.


    The final unit we have to cover is Developmental Psychology.   We have a few resources for you to learn about this unit on our websites (Moodle for Welsher; Pittsford Schools for Donner)


    • Key terms and a Powerpoint
    • Mod 8, 9, 10, 11, 30 Study Guides


    The suggestion is to use the PowerPoint to follow along with the key terms to understand the content of the unit. 

    In addition, you can use the study guides to supplement your reading of the Mods in your textbook (please note that Language Development is part of this unit – Mod 30)

    Please pay close attention to anything that has more than one stage/style/level in this unit, examples include:


    • Baumrind’s Parenting Styles
    • Eriksen’s Stages of Man
    • Piaget’s Stages of Cognitive Development
    • Kohlberg’s Stages of Moral Development
    • Ainsworth’s Attachment Styles
    • Temperaments
    • Stages of Language Development

    Sometime in the next two weeks, we plan on posting a few FRQ style questions about Development and we urge you to try them on your own and do one of two things –

    • Get a group of friends together and use your technological resources to answer the question collectively; please make sure everyone has learned the material before you do this!
    • Feel free to send us the answers and we can give you feedback. You can handwrite them or type them, just send the finished product in an email and we will read them and help you out.  


    For AP Preparation – we plan on making available resources to help you review for the AP exam, along with practice that you can do on your on with rubrics to check your answers.  Please look for this as we move into April.