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    To satisfy incompletes please complete all assignments on  The log in is your school email and the password is just "password" if you have not set your own.  The videos, notes and assignments to prepare you for deltamath are on One Note. 

    Since the building closed I organized One Note by weeks.  Assignments are also listed on Teams, but you are familiar with One Note so I kept it there too as you were familar with it.  Each non-graded assignment has a key you can use to check your work.  Calendars have active links to access pages as well. 

    If there are questions contact me at my email mark_dougherty





    Algebra 1

    Recommended items

    1.  TI-nspire CX.   It will be used for all 4 years of high school so you will get your money's worth out of it.  They can get by the first few weeks of school with a scientific calculator, but very soon the calculator will become critical.  The sooner the students are comfortable with the new  calculator the better.  I have a set for class use only, so leaving them at home is an option if you are concerned it will be lost or broken.  Phones will not be allowed to be used as calculators

    2.  A 3 ring binder big enough to have 2 sections.  One for notes and homework the second for graded work.  I would suggest cleaning out the notes section every 1 or 2 units and the graded assignments at the end of each quarter.  Save these at home to study for midterms and finals.

    3.  I would encourage them to have a pouch to keep their pencils, erasers and pens and their calculator.  One that clips into their binder may be handy.




    Recommended items

    1.  A binder big enough to hold one unit worth of notes.  A 1 inch or 1 1/2 inch binder should be large enough.

    2.  Students will be using the TI-nspire calculator in class.  It would be helpful if they had the same calculator at home.  Students used it in class all of last year and are familiar with it.  I have a set they can use in class, but cannot leave the classroom.

    3.  I would encourage them to have a pouch to keep their pens,pencils, highlighters erasers and their calculator if they choose to bring their own.  One that clips into their binder is handy.


    Functions and Trigonometry

    1.  Students should have a binder.  One section should be for notes and homework and one section should be for graded work.

    2.  Materials needed everyday will include a pen and pencil as well as a calculator.  Hopefully most have a TI-nspire CX.  They can do homework on this.  There is a class set that will be available for in class work only.

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