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  • Dear Parents and Students,


    In these unprecedented times, there are many questions about how to handle things.  It is unclear how long we will be away from schools, which leads to uncertainty with grades, AP exams, and Regents exams.  I myself have wondered if there is a plan by the College Board and NYSED on whether to postpone or modify exams. There are too many inconsistencies at the state and national level to know how to handle this situation, which is why I have decided to divert my focus from how to prepare students for the unknown and focus on what will be important.  My goal is to provide students the opportunity to continue their education to prepare for their future. This shift in focus will not change the content I was preparing for the rest of the year.

    Due to the self-motivated group of students and supportive families we have in our district I feel confident that our students will continue to make progress through distance learning.  I plan to direct students to online resources such as Khanacademy.org for attempting to learn new material.  I will continue to use resources such as Delta Math, Castle Learning, AP Classroom, and MathXL to allow students to reinforce the skills they have learned.  I will also continue to post notes using OneNote, which will align to the notes packets I have provided to students in preparation for an extended leave from school.

    Please note that although the expectation is to keep moving forward with independent online learning, there will not be any mandatory assignments.  These unusual circumstances provide many challenges that will cause us all to reflect upon what is truly important in our lives.  Therefore, my intent is to provide guidance for advancing students math skills only if time allows them to do so.

    Currently, my plan is to reach out to all students using the Remind App or Email. Below are all the required codes to access Remind and Khan Academy.  Students are already registered for the other online resources as they have been utilized throughout the year.



    Khan Academy Class Code

    Remind Class Code

    AP Calculus BC



    Algebra 2 Honors



    Pre Calculus Honors




    If you are having difficulty accessing any of these resources or if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me.



    Jason S. March




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    Period 1 - IST
    Period 2 - Room 223 - Algebra 2CC H
    Period 3 - Free
    Period 4 - Room 223 - Algebra 2CC H
    Period 5 - Lunch
    Period 6 - Room 225 - CalculusBC
    Period 7 - Room 225 - Pre Calc Honors
    Period 8 - Planning
    Period 9 - Room 225 - Pre Calc Honors



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