I hope you will find chemistry as fun and interesting as I do!

    We will utlize various online platforms in class and work with a 'flipped classroom' format.

    Here is a short video explaining what 'flipping' a classroom looks like:




    Here are some of the digital platforms we will use:

    Office 36/OneNote/Teams  (get the OneNote app on your device)


    Castle Learning




    And importantly-Make sure you can login to your school email account. AND that you check it routinely!

    The main platform I will use for class is Microsoft Office 365/OneNote/Teams.  . Many students find using the OneNote app on your device a very convenient way to manage their notebook.

    When you get to your OneNote Class Notebook for the chemistry class your are in (ex. Per 3) navigate to the Content Library Tab to find essential login information and class codes for the other digital platforms we will use periodically in class (see checklist below).  I will post many other items in the Content Library (my video lessons and digital copies of my notepackets, practice packets, keys to many items etc.) for you to have access to.


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  • Please bring the following supplies with you every day to class:

    a pocket folder with some paper attached in the rings

    NYS RChemistry Reference Tables (you will be given a set)

    a simple calculator (not your phone!)

    sharpened pencils-recommend mechanical pencils with eraser

    a pen

    a whiteboard marker-Low Odor variety, any color-and a couple tissues to erase with.

    colored pencils-small assortment, they don't need to be new.

    keep the current unit notepacket, practice packet and any extra handouts in this folder.

    suggest carrying a pencil sharpener with you in your pencil case.

    Keep at home

    a large capacity 3-ring binder to retire older units in for future use.


    (sorry this picture is rotated)


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Here are the supplies you will need for class.  In addition, carry a pencil sharpener that catches the trimmings, with you.