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    Mrs. K. Smith and Rocky


    Above is a picture of my dog Rocky and I on our Spring 2020 forest walk behind White Haven Cemetery.  During the school closure we spent many days walking and collecting pictures for the coming school year.  Last spring was a novel experience.  For the past 21 years I have taught Earth Science, Astronomy, Oceanography and AP Environmental Science at MHS.  Before coming to MHS I also taught at Barker Rd, SHS, Minerva Deland in Fairport, Clarence High School, Tonawanda High School and Corcoran High School in Syracuse. 

    I have 3 adult children  as well as 2 cats and Rocky.  I was encouraged to become a teacher by my mom, a life long learner , and  Biology teacher  and my dad a Phys Ed. instructor.  I attended Grinnell College in Iowa, SUNY Buffalo( BA Geology)and Syracuse University( MS Science Education). I grew up in the Town of Tonawanda and my family spent vacations exploring the outdoors in The Adirondacks, Iowa, Wisconsin and Allegheny.  Being outside and trying to understand our place in the the environment is what inspires me to teach Environmental/Earth Science . I love learning and helping others.   That's what keeps me coming back to teaching.  I learn more from my students and colleagues every year.  They surprise, delight and challenge me to learn and grow, giving me hope for the future.   


    Our classwork this year will all be found on Office 365 Teams. 


    You can contact me through email at karen_smith@pittsford.monroe.edu.


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