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    Please browse this website to find important information about the Mendon High School Music Department as a whole or more specifically about the Concert Band, Wind Ensemble, Jazz Band, Jazz Ensemble, Pep Band and Pit Orchestra at MHS as well as philosophical information about my approach to and goals for each of these ensembles.


    Feel free to contact me at anytime at or 267-3865.



    Current Information:


    Congratulations to the following students on their acceptance into this year's Area All-State festivals!

    Jr. High:

    Adriana Cabarcos & Julia Dziorny, flute

    Sarah Turinsky & Jemma Wallis, clarinet

    Leon Ye, trumpet

    Will Harrington & Quincy Zuo, percussion


    Sr. High:

    Grace Wu, flute

    Viveka Frisk, clarinet

    Jiwoo Han, oboe

    Ben Orzell, alto sax

    Ella Henry, French horn



    Welcome to the 2022-2023 school year!  You will not need your instrument on the first day of school.  You will hear about all the wonderful music opportunities available on our first day of class, but here are some things to start thinking about.


    Pep Band will start up immediately.  Do you want to spend some Friday nights pumping up the crowd at the football games and meet new friends from Sutherland?  Then join us!  It's a blast (literally).  See the Extra-curricular Ensembles Pep Band tab for more details or click here to sign up.


    Jazz Band and Jazz Ensemble auditions will be held after school during the last week of September.  These groups really know how to groove!  See the Extra-curricular Ensembles Jazz tab for more details.  Please note that evening jazz rehearsals will be on Wednesdays this year.


    Pit Orchestra will start up in late December or early January for our April musical.  There's something magical about playing in the pit orchestra and connecting with all the singers/dancers/actors on stage!  See the Extra-Curricular Ensembles Pit Orchestra tab for more details.


    Applications for the Applied Music Credit (for students studying privately on piano and/or guitar) can be accessed by clicking here.  For more details about the program, see the MHS Music Department tab and then click on Applied Music Credit.


    Students who participate in the many extra musical opportunities MHS and our Rochester community offer may want to apply for Honors Distinction by clicking here.  See the MHS Music Department tab and then click on Honors Distinction for more information.









    Masks are optional at this point . 

    There are 2 different styles that will work.

    1. Basic surgical, disposable mask. Cut a slit in the middle of the mask for your mouthpiece to slide through. When not playing, the slit will close itself.Mask 1

    2. A non-disposable mask with a square hole cut around your lips and a material flap. You will need to have the mask on your face to measure around your lips. Cut the square opening you just measured. You may sew the open edges if you'd like, but it is not necessary. Take a piece of material that is 4 x 4 or 4 x 8 (if you'd like to double it) and sew or pin the material to the top of your opening.

     Mask 2 Mask 2 with flap up



    Flute alternative method:

    The above mask will work for flutes, but they may also use a shield on their headjoint if they would prefer. We will provide the shield made out of an over head projector sheet. 2 hair ties will need to be provided by the student to secure the shield to the headjoint. Masks would need to be put on when flute is in rest position.


     flute shield



    Bell Covers

    Bell covers will be used for all wind instruments. We will be providing them for the students. If you would like to make additional bell covers, the dimensions are below.

    Flute 3 x 3

    Oboe 5 x 5

    Clarinet 7 x 7

    Bassoon 6.5 x 6.5

    Alto 12 x 12

    Tenor 12 x 12

    Bari 14 x 14

    Trumpet 12 x 12

    Trombone 20 x 20

    Fr Horn 28 x 28

    Euphonium 22 x 22

    Tuba 41 x 41


    Cut squares of material to this size and then cut off the corners. Use hair ties to secure material to instrument bell. Fr. Horn, Euphonium, and Tuba will use 3/16 inch rope


    Bell covers










    Congratulations to the following musicians who were selected to this year's NYSSMA & MCSMA Honors Festivals!


    Jr. High Area All State



    Sr. High Area All State




    Conference All State



    MCSMA Jazz All-County



    MCSMA Classical All-County










FAME Cabaret Night

Mr. Maguda conducting

Memorial Day

Mr. Maguda conducting
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