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    Please browse this website to find important information about the Mendon High School Music Department as a whole or more specifically about the Concert Band, Wind Ensemble, Jazz Band, Jazz Ensemble, Pep Band and Pit Orchestra at MHS as well as philosophical information about my approach to and goals for each of these ensembles.


    Feel free to contact me at anytime at paul_maguda@pittsford.monroe.edu or 267-3865.



    Current Information:


    Upcoming Events: 

    Friday, May 17th at 7:00 p.m. at SHS:  District Jazz Festival

              6:00 p.m. rehearsal.  Dress is all black.

    Monday, May 20th at CRMS:  Pittsford In-house Solo Festival

    Friday, May 31st & Saturday, June 1st at Gates-Chili High School:  All-State Solo Festival

    Tuesday, June 4th (time and location to be determined):  FAME Music Picnic

    Thursday, June 6th at 7:00 p.m. at MHS:  Final Band Concert

    Tuesday, June 11th at 7:00 p.m. at MHS:  Final Orchestra Concert

    Wednesday, June 12th at 7:00 p.m. at MHS:  Final Choral Concert

    Thursday, June 13th at 7:00 p.m. at MHS:  Small Ensemble Concert (Chamber Ensembles, Jazz Band & Jazz Ensemble)

    Friday, June 14th from 6:30 - 8:00 p.m. Port of Pittsford performance (Jazz Band & Jazz Ensemble)

    Thursday, June 27th from 5:15 - 5:45 p.m.:  Jazz Ensemble at the Xerox Rochester International Jazz Festival

    Saturday, June 29th at 2:00 p.m. at R.I.T.'s Gordon Field House:  Graduation




    2019-2020 Wind Ensemble (alphabetical by instrument):

    Flute (8)

    Caelin Canny

    Remy Commisso

    Meeta Dahake

    Gwen Harmon

    Katherine Huang

    Maggie Kane

    Addie Schenkel

    Kathy Yan


    Oboe (1)

    Adheesh Ankolekar


    Bassoon (1)

    Bridget Miller


    Clarinet (7)

    Carly Cody

    Sydney Grossman

    Olivia Harkin

    Cheyenne Huang

    Ashley Kipferl

    Emily Oldfield

    Lauren Romanick


    Saxophone (11)

    Claire Cunningham

    Ally Dennis

    Arjun Ganesh

    Rayan Masoom

    Rory McIntosh

    Johanna Merkel

    Sadie Oldfield

    Camron Sallade

    Evan Scheuermann

    Jackson Tran

    Daniel Zeznick


    Trumpet (5)

    Molly Collins

    Simon Goldstein

    Paige Romanick

    Sadie Wallis

    Amy Zhou


    French Horn (1)

    Madeleine Eckhardt


    Trombone (4)

    Jamie Cole

    Libbie Duquette

    Emma Stenzel

    Mina Stevens


    Euphonium (1)

    Alex Pogharian


    Tuba (2)

    Peter Anderson

    Owen Oldfield


    Percussion (6)

    Luisa Ferreira

    Noah Lester

    Libby Merkel

    Marc Ransom

    Gracie Wahl

    Luke Wall


     2019-2020 Concert Band (alphabetical by instrument):


    Flute (6)

    Caroline Beer

    Lars Frisk

    Bridget Merkel

    Maya Sallade

    Grace Wu

    Jenny Zhao


    Oboe (2)

    Erika Allison

    Sarah Kelley


    Bassoon (1)

    Nick Sisson


    Clarinet (7)

    Genny Bauso

    Iala Cropper

    Alyssa Ferrer

    Caroline Goldie

    Elise Keller

    Kristen Ruiz

    Claire Zhou


    Saxophone (7)

    Jeremiah Anandarajah

    Dominic Barlesi

    Ayush Dasgupta

    Michael Gallant

    Ethan Guidry

    Ben Orzell

    Andrew Shea

    Trumpet (5)

    Jillian Giordano

    Hunter Grace

    Talia Gutkin

    Evan Nesmith

    Drew Orzell


    French Horn (3)

    Carter Halpin

    Ella Henry

    Ethan Hess


    Trombone (2)

    Jake Palmiere

    Natalie Schnose


    Percussion (7)

    Ryan Bozek

    Matthew Gestring

    Carter Grinnell

    Alex Smeulders

    Josiah Thomas

    Evelyn VanDusen




    Congratulations to the following musicians who were selected to this year's NYSSMA & MCSMA Honors All State Festivals!


    MCSMA Jazz All-County

    Molly Collins, trumpet (Jr. High)

    Mina Stevens, trombone (Jr. High)

    Sadie Oldfield, alto sax (Sr. High)

    Pascal Dorval, tenor sax (Sr. High)

    Gabriella Commisso, trumpet (Sr. High)

    Jinghao Yao, trombone (Sr. High)

    Simon Ribas, drums (Sr. High)

    Luke Wall, drums - Alternate (Sr. High)


    MCSMA Classical All-County

    AllyRose Caruso clarinet (Orchestra)

    Sadie Wallis, trumpet (Orchestra)

    Gabriella Commisso, French horn (Orchestra)

    Anna Pogharian, flute (Band)

    Lisa Abe, flute (Band)

    Katherine Huang, flute (Band)

    Kayla Stevens, clarinet (Band)

    Sadie Oldfield, alto sax (Band)

    Madeleine Eckhardt, French horn (Band)

    Alex Pogharian, euphonium (Band)

    Luke Wall, mallet percussion (Band) 


    Conference All State

     Chloe Engin, flute (Alternate)

     Kayla Stevens, clarinet (Symphonic Band)

     Elena Guo, oboe (Symphonic Band)

     Connie Chen, clarinet (Wind Ensemble)


    Jr. High Area All State

     Sydney Grossman, clarinet (Band)

     Molly Collins, trumpet (Orchestra)


    Sr. High Area All State

     Chloe Engin, piccolo (Orchestra)

     Lisa Abe, flute (Orchestra)

     Anna Pogharian, flute (Band)

     Katherine Huang, flute (Band)

     Kathy Yan, flute (Band)

     Elena Guo, oboe (Orchestra)

     Connie Chen, clarinet (Orchestra)

     Kayla Stevens, clarinet (Band)

     Gabby Commisso, French horn (Band)

     Madeleine Eckhardt, French horn (Band)

     Jinghao Yao, trombone (Band)












FAME Cabaret Night

Mr. Maguda conducting

Memorial Day

Mr. Maguda conducting

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