Key Contacts at Sutherland High School

  • Pittsford Sutherland High School
    55 Sutherland Street
    Pittsford, NY 14534
    Main Office: 585-267-1100
    Attendance Office: Maria Arilotta 585-267-1109
    Fax: 218-1143
    School Hours: 7:00 AM-4:00 PM


  • Title Name Phone Email
    Principal Mr. Mark Puma 585-267-1101
    Assistant Principal (Last Names A-L) Ms. Linda Dickey 585-267-1103
    Assistant Principal (Last Names M-Z) Mr. Tyler Manchester 585-267-1104
    Assistant to the Principal Mrs. Kimberly Palumbos-Lupinetti 585-267-1102
    Assistant to the Assistant Principals Susanne Reeder 585-267-1105

Department Leaders

Department Name Phone Number
Art Amy Palermo 585-267-1112
Business Suzanne Fess 585-267-1115
Counseling Dawn Howe 585-267-3676
English Matt Davidson 585-267-1120
Health Ashley Graves 585-267-1122
Library Brian Regan 585-267-1125 fax: 381.8546
Math Casey Stradley 585-267-1634
Music Tammy Keller 585-267-1134
Physical Education Kathy Hutteman 585-267-1111
Science Marie LoRe 585-267-1128
Social Studies Dan Judd 585-267-1129
Special Education Kim Black 585-267-1131
Technology Brian Holliday 585-267-1137
World Languages Mr. Lynn Smith 585-267-1124

School Supports

Support Group Name Phone Number
Audio Visual Aaron Brady 585-267-1113
Box Office (SHS Student) Productions 585-267-1114
Cafeteria Barb Loysen 585-267-1175
Career Internship/Community Service Christin Keller 585-267-1116
College/Career Center Coordinator Vera Foster 585-267-1117
Counseling Office Megan Gamble 585-267-1160 or 585-267-1182
Custodian Carl J. Knapp 585-267-1155
District Based Classroom Trish Breese 585-267-2389
Nurse Nora Gelb 585-267-1140 fax: 218.1181
Psychologist/Student Services Teacher Jessica LeVan 585-267-1110
Registar Jaime Myszka 585-267-1127
Speech Therapist Ashley Madden 585-267-1132