Mrs. Missel's Page

      Hi Everyone!  I miss seeing you all on a day to day basis.  Despite being away from school, there are still plenty of oppertunities for us to learn and grow together. Please feel free to reach out to me on email with any quesitons/ concerns/ or just to touch base. 
    Here is where you can find important class inforomation:
    Global 9  Co-taught with Mr. Smith:  All work will be posted on Mr. Smith's website along with the video notes. You will also need access to Castle Learning.
    English 9  with Mr. Shafer:  All work will be emailed and posted on my website (see English 9 link). Students should be reading at least 20 minutes each day from thier independent reading book. 
    English 10 with Mr. Steele: All work will be posted on George Steele's website (look for the tab for our class on the left side- it will include a calendar and attached files of assignments). Work will also be posted on my link "English 10". 

    Time to learn!