• Hello! Welcome to my webpage. I primarily use TEAMS to communicate with students throughout the year, but this is a great spot to find general information. 


  • What brings me JOY?     My family,  the outdoors, yoga, reading, Colorado (I taught in Denver for 7 years) skiing, swimming, ROC2Change, field hockey (I used to coach at SHS!) cats and twinning with teachers (Mrs. Moore & Mrs. Madden!)    

     ski roc 2 change

  • Where to find me:

    Period 1: Resource 224

    Period 2:  English 9ICT

    Period 3:  English 9sc 337

    Period 4:  Office 253

    Period 5:  Office 253 (E and B/D days) or Study Hall (A, C, F)

    Period 6:  English 10sc 336

    Period 7:  Office 253

    Period 8:  Earth Science ICT 

    Period 9:  Science Lab