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  • Current Recommended Health Assignments

    When putting together your materials I wanted you to be able to work on your overall wellness. Each assignment is related to wellness in some way.  For each assignment I did put a date for you to work on it, because some of you work better with a timeline.  Please feel free to work on this work in any order that is good for you.

    Once you have completed an assignment please save it in a folder on your computer/flash drive or if you want to print a hard copy and save it you could.  Again, do whatever works best for you.

    I believe you can complete each assignment in 30 minutes or less but take more time if you need it.  Definitely if you want to take more time with mindfulness, do it.


  • Wednesday April 1st

    Gratitude Journal- please click on the assignment below for your instructions


  • Thursday April 2nd

    Mindfulness - please click on the assignment below to complete