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    Contact information:

    Cheryl_piccirillo@pittsford.monroe.edu / 585-267-1122

    Office Hours: Tuesday and Thursday 2-3pm

    Please feel free to contact me if you need to set up a zoom meeting, at another time that works for you.

  • Current Health Assignments


    We are finally winding down the year. If you are not sure if you have all your work in, please e-mail me and I can let you know.  I know for some people, it is good to get confirmation on this. 

    This weeks assignment will be on Teams by Saturday morning.  I put it out early because I would like all assignments turned in by Wednesday June 10th.  The assignment from June 11th – 16th will be time for people who have INC or missing can use this time to catch up.

    *If you have an assignment that has an INC, go back into Teams and click on that assignment.  Look in the feedback box to see what you need to do.  Complete it and then turn it in again.

    TURNING IN YOUR 7 HABITS BOOKS, once the instructions sent out, on how this will happen, make sure you turn yours in. I will be there a couple of days to check the books in, so I hope to see some of you!


    Please look at infinite campus to see if you have any missing work or INC work.  I still do have a lot of M or INC in the grade book, so if you need more information on your grade send me an email.  I want to make sure everyone tries to catch up by the beginning of next week.  At the end of the course you will either get a Pass or INC.  If you get an INC, your work will need to be completed during summer break. 


    Have a great week!

     Mrs. Piccirillo


     If you need extra help with teams, you can fill out a student help ticket located on my website under student technology assistance. (Someone will be able to meet with you)

    I also wanted to thank you for your patience, as I am learning how to use Teams as well.

    If you would like to set up a zoom meeting I am available during my office hours from 2-3pm on Tuesday or Thursday.  Please email me and I can set up a meeting with you. If more than one person is requesting a meeting, I will include everyone who sent a request for that time and day.

      Please check Infinite campus to make sure you keep up with what is turned in and what is not. If you see something that doesn’t seem correct, please let me know.








  • All your work will be on Microsoft teams. You will first need to join my team. You can join the Health Class team with this code nvia1rw. Please join the team ASAP.

     If you are having any problems fill out a student help request. I have a link on my website  – click here

     Please turn in all work here starting this week. If you need an overview on how to use teams please look on my website where I have a link.

     Go to assignments and files (under general) to complete the assignment and turn in…easy right!


    • If you have work that was due before this week, you may still turn it in with Office365.



    Missing work in Infinite campus

    1. Please look at infinite campus to see if you have any missing work prior to March 13th. If you do please complete and turn it in to me.  You can turn it in many ways:
      1. Office 365
      2. Scan to computer and send
      3. Take a picture of it and send through e-mail
      4. Create a PDF and send in an e-mail
    2. If you cannot find the work please email me and I will send you another copy.
    3. At this time I can update infinite campus. What I will do, is let you know I received your missing work and I changed infinite campus.