Mr. Steele's Webpage


    Welcome to Mr. Steele’s website. I have a few questions for you; when you have some time, consider them. At some point, I hope you will share any answers you develop with your classmates and me.

    1.      Why should anyone spend time reading?

    2.      Why read “literary” works that are hard to understand?

    3.      Why write about what we read?

    4.      Why attempt to write fiction, poetry, or drama?

    5.      What is the purpose of art?


    Here are a few thoughts from Rollo May, author of The Courage to Create. Do any of them interest you? Why or why not?

     1.      “To live with sensitivity in this age of limbo indeed requires courage.” (p. 1)

    2.      “What Kierkegaard said about love is also true of creativity: every person must start at the beginning.” (p. 18) 

    3.      “The [artistic] insight never comes hit or miss, but in accordance with a pattern of which one essential element is our own commitment.” (p. 58)

    4.      “Poets may be delightful creatures in the meadow or the garret, but they are menaces on the assembly line.” (p. 67)

    5.      “To the extent that we lose this free, original creativity of the spirit as it is exemplified in poetry, music, and art, we shall also lose our scientific creativity.”
    (p. 69)


    I hope that you enjoy working with me and with your classmates.