Mme Falkovich


     April in Paris



    Bonjour et bienvenue!                                   


    Hello everyone and welcome!          


     I wish you a good school year.  


    Try your best, work hard, have fun and don't forget to smile :) 


    Please contact me with any questions or concerns.  


    My schedule this year is as follows:


    Period 1                        French 3h

    Period 2                        French 3

    Period 3                        French 1

    Period 4                        Student Assistance

    Period 5                        French 3h

    Period 6                        Student Assistance

    Period 7                        Lunch

    Period 8                        Student Assistance

    Period 9                        AP French

    Period 10                  Student Assistance


    Alors, bonne chance et bon courage!

    Mme Falk  :)











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