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  • 3/17/20 Update:  Here is a video of me explaining how I would like you to use my website on a daily basis during this break.  Link:

    Dear Students and Parents,

    As we go through this process please continue to check my website for information about what is going on in this "online" course.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions along the way.  Below is the email I sent out on 3/16/20 to explain what is expected and suggested to do during this hiatus.  I wish the best for you and your family.

    Jeff Mellon

    (Email to students and parents on 3/16/20) 

    Dear Students,

    This email is to inform you how I will run Regents Physics remotely as we go through this process together.  I apologize for the length, but I want you to be aware of what will be expected and suggested as we are out of the building.  As you are aware, tomorrow you will be allowed into the building to collect materials left for you by your teachers.  By the science office I have left the unit packets for the rest of the year, including a Regents Review packet.  If you cannot make it in tomorrow, I have also posted each of the packets on my website that you can print from home.  The following packets you should pick up are:

    • Unit 10: Electrostatics – Please DO NOT TAKE ONE, if you already have it. This packet I passed out on Thursday/Friday and it is the blue packet.
    • Unit 11: Electricity and Circuits
    • Unit 12: Magnetism
    • Unit 13: Modern Physics
    • Regents Review Packet

    Since this break is going to go on for an unknown amount of time, I am going to keep the content of this course to a minimum of what is required of you for the Regents.  First, the topic we left off on, the mini unit on Lenses from Unit 9: Light, will stop.  Lenses will not be covered on the Regents exam, so I do not want to have you practice and learn this on your own. Please do not spend any more time on the pages I left you to do from Unit 9 packet.  Also, the Physics Photo Project will be cancelled.  I am sorry if you already started it.  If you would like to share your picture and/or report with me, I would be happy to read it and give you feedback.

    How I plan on running the course now will be somewhat similar to how I organized and planned throughout this whole year.  Most importantly, open the Daily Agenda PowerPoint on my website frequently (recommended daily).  This will provide a suggested pacing of the content as you go through each unit packet.  Use the Daily Agenda PowerPoint like how I taught you at the beginning of the year if you are absent.  You should follow the PowerPoint to see what topics and practice problems/activities you should complete each day.  Watch the YouTube videos of me going through each of the sections of the notes.  Please DO NOT copy the notes from the posted PowerPoints.  I will be showing simulations and adding additional information that will help you make sense of the material.   I will also be posting the solutions to the practice problems as we go through each unit.

    As of right now, I cannot give grades for anything.  However, feedback and being able to frequently measure your knowledge will be important.  I will post solutions to the practice problems and assign Castle Learning assignments.  The Castle Learning assignments will not be entered into Infinite Campus, but should be used to measure your knowledge.  I will give short Castle Learning assignments throughout each unit that I suggest you use your notes/get outside help on.  I will also give Unit Quizzes and Tests through Castle Learning.  I recommend when you complete these you treat them like an actual quiz or test.  Use just your reference tables, calculator, and knowledge you learned from the videos and practice problems to complete them.  By getting help from someone, looking up the answers online, or using your notes will not be helpful to measure your actual knowledge.  Again, these will not be formally entered in for a grade, so why “cheat?”

    I will try to keep emails to a minimum, but please make sure you are checking your Pittsford email account.  Most of my delivery will be done through my website, so make sure you are frequently checking it.  Please contact me anytime you have questions or concerns.  I will try my best to answer your questions remotely.  I wish you and your family the best as we go through this process.  

    TLDR: Check the Daily Agenda PowerPoint on my website every day.  Use it to see what videos to watch, activities to complete and what practice problems to do.  I will post Castle Learning assignments throughout each unit that I HIGHLY recommend you do to get feedback on how well you know the material.  Feel free to contact me anytime if you have specific questions. 


    Mr. Mellon

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