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     I want to take a moment to thank students and parents for their efforts on making the return to school a successful one. As we all reacclimate to our new school, work, and family routines, I have been able to identified one reoccurring commonality throughout this process.... We all want to be back together reigniting those relationships that were strained during the closure. Relationships provide support to student learning in a number of different ways. Continuing to build on these relationships will assist with the challenges we will encounter throughoutt the school year. 

    On my website you will find information regarding the classes that I teach in the Business Department. The Home page will house any important information for parents and students. My goal is to make this available to you in the most efficient way possible.

    (please see "Important Information" below)

    Students and parents looking for materials and/or resources for a particular class can simply click on "class Information" link located in the drop down box or on the left side of this page. Within in each class, you will find a class syllabus and any forms/links that relate to classroom enrichment or college credit registration. Please note: All classroom related materials that are content based will be uploaded in Microsoft Teams.

    Important Information

    Entrepreneurship EEE370: College credit registration is underway. Applications have been email to the SUPA office. SUPA will create a SUID# for you and will be mailing you important information regarding enrollment and payment for the course. 

    OPEN HOUSE: Informational PowerPoint can be found at the bottom of the page 


    Sutherland Business Department Course Selection Video