Mr. Smith's Social Studies Hub


    Click on the class to the left for files or the "Assignments Calendar" for important due dates and quiz/test dates.  Here is my free period availability if you need help or have questions:

    Before School: Room 231

    Period 1: Social Studies Office(every other day/check with me)

    Period 2: Room 231

    Period 3: Social Studies Office(every other day/check with me)

    Period 4: Room 231

    Period 6: Room 231

    After School: Room 231

    Every student's experience will depend on the attitude they bring to class, but I promise all of the following...

    1. I will only know you as you reveal yourself to me, both as a student and as a person.  I am not interested in others' previous impressions of you.  I look forward to getting to know you, through you alone.

    2. I place great value on fairness.  Though I truly appreciate all of my students, I have no favorites.  You will receive equal treatment and consideration in my class.

    3. I am very reasonable with workload and due dates.  Though you'll have a fair amount of independent studies and tests in my class, I try to space out assignments and assessments because I know you have other classes to prepare for.  I understand that my class is just one piece of your day, and I give appropriate time for you to get things done and prepare with that in mind. 

    4.  At the core of our teacher-student relationship is my acknowledgement that is my privilege to be your teacher.  You are a valued blessing to me and I will treat you as such.  I am called to be of service to you. 


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