Phone: x2193


Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Sharon Neveu

Contact: X2193


Castle Learning -- Administrator for password reset or new accounts.

Passwords -- District Server, Office 365 and Canvas (all the same), Infinite Campus and Turnitin 

Reservations for the World Language Computer Lab at SHS - Room 146

  • Please schedule classes in advance.

    Use Computer Lab Signup 2020-21 to view or reserve a date/time on the schedule. 

    • You can also request the date/time by email or calling the lab.
    • Please note that Per 1 and Per 8, I am scheduled to be in Rm. 338.
      • If scheduling for these times, please send me an email
      • Per 2 on Tues/Thurs there is a Math class scheduled in the Lab
        • please contact me if you need the lab during these times
    • Students will be using alternate workstations for social distancing
    • There are currently 14 (gold) or 15 (blue) (29 total ) workstations.
      • Please review the schedule for the color of the workstations that will be used during the class period.
        • Odd #s - labeled in blue
        • Even #s - labeled in gold

     Live Language Lab - World Language new online software

    World Language Lab Policy: World Language classes may need to use the lab to use speaking/recording software. There is a shared signup sheet within WLDept. Only 1 teacher can use the software/laptops at a time. Class time will also be reserved for AP exams in May.