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    Your PE staff has put together activities below as resources to use to stay active. We recommend a minimum of 30 minutes for each activity at least 2-3 times per week.



  • The Pittsford Central School District community works collaboratively to inspire and prepare our students to be their best, do their best and make a difference in the lives of others.   Our department deeply values this mission and hopes it can help support your through this time. 

    In accordance with our mission and beliefs, here are the things we want you to know.

    We care about you and are here for you-  At any time you can email us and we will respond without question. We hope you can take advantage of our resources but if they are not enough and/or you feel overwhelmed always know you can reach out.

    We want you to stay safe- Do as a responsible, caring adult would do. Do not be reckless but stay physically engaged. Remain physically and mentally active, this will help support your overall well-being and protect you.

    Help Support our Community-  At this extraordinary time you have a chance to positively impact others. Practicing responsible social behaviors might profoundly help someone that you may have never met.   This is your chance to be a hero and to show our community that your generation values the health and well-being of others.



    Please feel free to contact your PE teacher with any questions

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Physical Education

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    Update regarding school closure 3/27/20:

    Please know that all of your PCSD Physical Education teachers miss our students.  We hope that you are all staying healthy and continue to follow the social distancing recommendations that will benefit our community.  While we're ending week #2 of being away from school, we've been collaborating to continue to provide resources to help you and your family stay active.  This has certainly been a new learning experience for us (as we know it has been for you too!).  In addition to the locations below, please also visit the district's webpage containing elementary and secondary resources for physical education while learning at home continues.  Link to all District COVID-19 Information, including Home Learning Resources


    Special Note to Students & Families during school closure (3/16/20):

    Your PCSD Physical Education Teachers hope that all are able to stay active and keep moving during this time.  Your wellbeing is important to us! Although school is closed, it doesn't mean that you and your family can't still be physically active.  Try finding fun activities for the whole family. Walking, hiking, riding bikes, and playing outside are all fun ways to avoid cabin fever, improve fitness and enjoy quality family time while maintaining a safe "social distance" from others.  There are also plenty of indoor activity ideas to build strength, improve flexibility & relax.  We are all hopeful that we can return to school soon.  Until then, we wish you health & wellness!  

    Secondary students: Please check your teacher and/or building physical education department website for specific suggestions & any updates.  

    Elementary students/families: We sent home a physical activity calendar for the month of March via email.  Please stay tuned to future messages from your PE Teachers.




    The mission of the physical education curriculum is to engage students in authentic learning experiences that develop the physical, social, emotional and cognitive skills necessary for all students to be healthy and active for their lifetime.

    We believe a comprehensive K-12 curriculum offers…

    • developmentally appropriate tools necessary to help students set and achieve their individual fitness goals; 
    • rigorous authentic experiences and is responsive to all learners regardless of ability;
    • next generation learning skills that fosters positive character development.                                    

    As a result of participating in the PCSD Physical Education program, students will be able to independently …

    •  participate regularly in a variety of physical activities as a valuable lifelong skill to promote wellness and health;
    •  create and evaluate the effectiveness of a personal fitness plan over time and make necessary adjustments as needed;
    •  demonstrate creative problem solving, communication, responsible risk taking, perseverance, ethical decision making, sportsmanship, empathy and leadership in a real-world setting;
    •  contribute to group problem solving and creative endeavors that develop social expression, and enjoyment;
    •  apply knowledge and demonstrate competency in a variety of physical activities. 

    Click to go to the PCSD Mission Statement page for full mission statements for all curricular areas.