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School Closings

Dear Parents/Guardians,  
We often receive questions from parents and students regarding the process used in making determinations about school closings. Schools are dismissed early or closed due to inclement weather, or other emergencies, only when absolutely necessary for the safety and welfare of students and staff. 
The Pittsford Central School District resides in a snow-belt and most storms can be managed effectively. For this reason, please assume school will be open and encourage students to be prepared for their next day’s studies. Anticipate the possibility that busses may be delayed during rainy or snowy conditions and dress children appropriately for weather conditions.
We understand that a decision to open or close school in bad weather will have an impact on our families. We consider many factors while making these decisions, including:
·         Current and projected weather conditions.
·         Road patrols by the Town and District. Reports include the condition of local roads, sidewalks and parking lots, taking into account snow and ice, as well as other hazards such as downed trees or power lines. These reports also provide an assessment of the progress of snow clearing.
·         Director of Transportation report after gathering information about road conditions in local and surrounding areas.
·         Temperature and wind chill factors. Monroe County Health Department recommends that we consider closing schools if the wind chill is expected to fall between -25 and -40 degrees.
When it is necessary to close or dismiss schools for any emergency, including inclement weather, announcements are made on local radio and television broadcasts by 6:30 a.m. on the radio stations and television affiliates listed below:
AM                                         FM                                          TV
WHAM – 1180                       WBEE – 92.5                          WROC – TV 8        WHAM – TV 13
WXXI – 1370                         WARM – 101.3                       WHEC – TV 10       YNN – Cable TV 9
The District will also post a notice on the District website, send an email/text message to subscribers, send phone call/messages, and update the central phone line. 
When the decision has been made to close schools or dismiss early, all evening school activities will be cancelled, including athletic practices and contests, club meetings, and any other student after-school activities. The only exception would be a major district-wide event, such as a concert involving hundreds of students, which could be held if the weather clears sufficiently.
Guidelines and details about early dismissal provisions can be found in the back of the District calendar. Please familiarize yourself with these procedures.
It is the responsibility of parents or guardians to make the final decision regarding school attendance. If parents feel the weather is too severe, they have the right to keep their child(ren) home. In this instance, it is essential that the parent contact the school to alert them of their child(ren)’s absence and to make arrangements for missed work.
Please speak with your school principal if you have any questions about these procedures.
Michael Pero
Superintendent of Schools
Pittsford Central School District