• How do I set up a conference with the team?
    To schedule a conference you may call Mrs. Ewert in the counseling office, 267-3805.  Conferences are generally held on Tuesdays and Thursdays, second period (8:25-9:00).

    How do I request homework if my child has been out sick?
    Homework may be requested after your child has been out for two days. Contact Mrs. Manzella at 267-1809. Teachers have until 3 pm to assemble homework materials.  The homework pick-up area is located across by the main office. Your child's health is priority one. We want them to come back to school well rested. Many times students will be excused from homework assignments when they are ill.

    What if my child has a music lesson during a core class?
    When your child has a music lesson they need to see their core teacher before the lesson to inform them that they will miss.  Core classes cannot be missed if exams or quizzes are being given.

    What if my child has a doctor's appointment?
    The pick-up area is in the main office.  This is where you will sign them out.   Students are responsible for knowing when their appointments are. If they forget, the office helpers will retrieve them from class.

    What if my Infinite Campus password doesn't work?
    You may call the vice principal's office at 267-1827.

    How often are grades updated on Infinite Campus?

    Some teachers input grades daily, some weekly, and bi-weekly. Any missing assignments flagged with an "M" will have a grade of ZERO automatically averaged in. So--ouch!--that may lower the average quite a bit and the missing work should addressed as soon as possible. And please note, the grade of zero will be changed as soon as the student makes up the missing work. In addition, please be aware that grades fluctuate greatly at the start of a marking period. Please wait a few weeks before contacting the teacher.  

    What about late work?
    Students are expected to complete any late work and should discuss with the teacher what should be done. Some teachers expect students to come in for lunch to get caught up on homework that was not done for that day. If more than one homework is not completed for that day, the student may be asked to stay after school to make up the missed assignments.

    Do teachers offer retakes on exams?
    Every teacher has different policies around re-takes. It should be assumed that a re-take is not an option, but if the student did not perform well, some re-take options may be put in place. Remember, re-takes are not offered just because a student didn't study, but are offered as a chance to show competency in the learning.


    What is enrichment? Enrichment is a class that takes place each day, ninth period.  Enrichment classes attempt to address the diverse need and interests of the Middle School student as well as reinforce and extend topics taught in the core classes.  This period will provide a variety of opportunities that will engage all students in learning activities which stimulate inquiry, creativity and discovery.

    How are students grouped for enrichment? Grouping for enrichment activities is flexible and varies by activity.  Students usually rotate by homeroom or core class.  Classes generally last one period and students rotate enrichment classes each day.  Some rotations last two days or even a week depending on the activity.

    Who teaches the enrichment classes? Classes are taught mainly by the core team. Occasionally we will have guest speakers.  Mr. Vigdor, our vice principal, and our guidance team will also use enrichment to address varying topics. 

    What sort of topics are taught in enrichment?
    Below are just a sampling of topics that your child may experience during enrichment this year.

    • Activities that extend / enhance the core curriculum
    • Review games
    • Team Building activities
    • Study Skills
    • Community Service activities
    • Social Wellness