Community Conversation on Racism

  • Our community came together in a remarkable way to discuss racism on May 2, 2019 at the Town-Village-School District “Community Conversation on Racism.” The outpouring of love and support for students who have experienced racism in our schools is a true reflection of how much our community cares.

    We are committed to ensuring that each and every one of our 5,700 students feels safe, respected and supported in our schools. Racism is a societal issue and we have experienced racist acts at PCSD. We are committed to addressing this head on.

    The Board of Education and Superintendent have received feedback by intentionally engaging with students, parents, staff and community members through many formats including the Town-Village-School District roundtable discussions at the “Community Conversation on Racism.” While feedback came in many forms, the major themes include:

    • Student engagement
    • Urban-Suburban student supports / experience
    • Supports for students of color
    • Community engagement
    • Curriculum review
    • Recruitment of diverse staff
    • Policy/reporting system review
    • Professional development for staff

    If you are interested in reading the actual recommendation forms that each roundtable group submitted, they are available here:
    Recommendation Sheets from "Community Conversation on Racism" participants