• Barker Road Middle School GSA

    The BRMS GSA is a Gender & Sexuality Alliance that brings LGBTQ+ students and straight allies together to meet new people, educate others by raising awareness, and to support one another in order to help promote a more accepting and safe community.


  • Want to join GSA on Teams?

    To join the GSA on Teams, please e-mail Mr. Kutny (michael_kutny@pittsford.monroe.edu) with your namegrade pronouns. You don't need to be a member of the "Team" to come to GSA and participate, but we post lots of announcements and updates there. We also place announcements on the Morning Bark.

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  • Monthly Meetings

    The GSA meets after school on 1 or 2 times each month.

    • Check Teams for the meeting dates.

    GSA Lunch

    7th & 8th graders: grab your lunch and come to GSA! Check the schedule on the door of room 126, but there is usually a GSA Lunch held once a week during periods 7-A & 7-B.


GSA - Open Hearts, Open Minds