Hour of Code

Ages 4-7 Learn to drag and drop

  • Learn to drag and drop

Ages 4-7 Programming with Rey and BB-8

  • Programming with Rey and BB-8

Ages 4-7 Loops with Scrat

  • Loops with Scrat

Ages 4-7 Drawing Gardens with Loops

  • Drawing Gardens with Loops

Dance Party

  • Dance Party

Ages 6-10 Creating Art with Code

  • Creating Art with Code

Ages 6-10 Looking Ahead with Minecraft

  • Looking Ahead with Minecraft

Ages 6-10 Chase Game With Events

  • Chase Game With Events

Ages 7-11 Events in Bounce

  • Events in Bounce


Age 7-11 Drawing Shapes with Loops

  • Drawing Shapes with Loops

Ages 8-10 Nested Loops with Frozen

  • Nested Loops with Frozen

Ages 8-12 Frozen

  • Frozen

Ages 4-7 Sequencing with Scrat

  • Sequencing with Scrat

Ages 4-7 Programming with Harvester

  • Programming with Harvester

Ages 4-7 Loops with Laurel

  • Loops with Laurel

Ages 4-7 On The Move with Events

  • On the Move with Events

Ages 6-10 Debugging in Maze

  • Debuggin in Maze

Ages 6-10 Creating Loops with Rey and BB-8

  • Creating Loops with Rey and BB-8

Ages 6-10 Sticker Art with Loops

  • Sticker Art with Loops

Ages 7-11 Introduction to Online Puzzels

  • Introduction to Online Puzzels

Ages 7-11 Build a Star Wars Game

  • Build a Star Wars Game

Age 7-11 If_Else with Bees

  • If_Else with Bees

Ages 8-12 Alien Dance Party

  • Alien Dance Party

Ages 8-11 Google Make your name

  • Google

Ages 4-7 Programming with Angry Birds

  • Programming with Angry Birds

Ages 4-7 Spelling Bee

  • Spelling Bee

Ages 4-7 Ocean Scene with Loops

  • Ocean Scene with Loops

Ages 4-7 A Royal Battle with Events

  • Ages 4-7 A Royal Battle with Events

Ages 6-10 Collecting Treasure with Laurel

  • Collecting Treasure with Laurel

Ages 6-10 Harvesting Crops with Loops

  • Harvesting Crops with Laurel

Ages 6-10 How to Build a Floppy Game

  • Build a Flappy Game

Ages 7-11 Debuggin with Laurel

  • Debuggin with Laurel

Age 7-11 Loops in Ice Age

  • Loops in Ice Age

7 - 11 Harvesting wtih Conditionals

  • Harvesting with Conditionals

Ages 8-12 About Me with Sprit Lab

  • About me with sprit lab

Ages 8-11 Moana

  • Moana

  • https://code.org/student/elementary

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