Academic Challenge Bowl

  • ACB will start meeting in October

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    What is Academic Challenge Bowl?  

    This program is offered as a service through the Gifted & Talented CoSer at Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES; and in partnership with CYPRAS and the Rochester Chess Center.  ACB is an academic team competition for students in grades 7 and 8, and is an excellent way to nurture, recognize, and celebrate the academic strengths of students.  ACB provides a competitive structure for those students who are academically talented.  ACB is structured similarly to MasterMinds, the high school quiz bowl program.  There are toss-up questions and bonus questions on a wide variety of subject areas.  Matches take place after school at the designated host school. The season consists of eight games plus play-offs leading to a championship match.  ACB typically meets during 7A and 7B lunches to practice.  A few after school meetings are possible.   


    Who is eligible to participate?

    Any student in the 7th or 8th grade may participate.

    Who we will compete against?

    Each league in the Rochester area consists of three to four schools.


    How long are the competitions?

    Each competition is approximately 2 ½ hours long and begins around 4:00 pm.  Students will compete against teams in their league at each competition with the host school always playing last.  Buses take students to away competitions and return to BRMS around 6-6:30pm (with the expeption of the CRMS meets - students will be picked up at CRMS). Students will contact there parents before leaving the meet to give them a more precise pick up time. Parents may pick their students up at this time or they may come and watch competitions and take their student home after the competition. 

    How many are on a team at a competition?

    A maximum of sixteen (and a minimum of eight) students are taken to each competition. In each competition we play in two games. In each game there are two halves that each contains two rounds. Four different students compete in each half. A student may only play in one half.  A student may play in more than one game. For example, if we only bring 8 students to a competition everyone would play in each game.


    When will practices be held?

    Practices will be held both during the after school period, and during lunch periods. Typically during the season we practice about once a week. Individual team members or groups may decide to practice after school or during study halls in my classroom (please arrange this with me beforehand).

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