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    Barker Road Middle School WEB Program


    WEB = Where Everybody Belongs  


    WEB (Where Everyone Belongs) is a student leadership group of eighth graders. Their primary focus is to help new students to transition into the culture and expectations of Barker Road Middle School. Becoming a WEB leader is a coveted position for our eighth graders. These are the “go-to” students when we are in need of some extra hands. One example is WEB Leaders help during Openhouse to help direct parents. This club is a very influential group at Barker Road. To participate as a WEB leader, one must apply and be nominated by staff. A selection committee works hard to have a diverse and responsible WEB Leader group.

    Club Advisors
    Mr. Sacch     Room 109               john_sacchitella@pittsford.monroe.edu

    Mrs. Ballard  Counseling Office    gail_ballard@pittsford.monroe.edu

    * In the fall of every year, the BRMS Student Council runs a school wide fundraiser. Everyone at Barker Road benefits from this fundraiser. Please consider participating, even if you just buy one book. This fundraiser supports this club. The fundraiser pays for almost the entire WEB program. WEB Leader training lunches, T-shirts, movie night snacks, Mix It Up Day, etc. Please consider buying one book or selling more. For more information or to see how funds are used, click HERE.


    We make our announcements and update you on TEAMS. 

    Check TEAMS for the most recent information.

    Community Service Hours must be submitted during the same school year they were earned.

    WEB Community Service Hours:

    *** Community Service Hours - it is your responsibility to record your dates and hours.

    The information below is for your reference.

    We will not know your specific hours.

    You need to keep track of that information.


    Training days do not count towards community service hours.

    5th Grade Fun Night - 1.5 hour (small group)

    6th Grade Orientation - 6 hours (ALL WEB members)

    New Student Orientation - 1.5 hours (small group)

    BRMS Open House -2.5 hours (small group)

    6th Grade Movie Night - 3 hours (ALL WEB members)

    Mix it up day - 1 hour (ALL WEB members)

    Class Presentations & August Training - do not count


    *6th Grade Movie Night         Thursday, October 7th               ***See details on permission slip below



    A-Team Community Service Hours:

    These hours are ONLY if you participated

    WEB Training (training counts for A-Team)  and 6th Grade Orientation
    *1-15 hours    (depending on how long you helped)

    6th Grade Movie Night - (how many hours were you there?) 

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