Read two books this summer!



    There are millions of inspiring quotations about books and reading.  We're hoping, however, that no parent or student needs to be persuaded about the benefits of reading.  Books can entertain and inspire; they can help us understand ourselves and others; they can inform and educate.  Reading well is a practical skill, too, necessary for success in school and beyond.  Of course, skills must be practiced, soccer and lacrosse, dance and music, reading and math. 

    In this spirit, we ask that all Pittsford secondary students read two books this summer.  Students, read any two books you like, any genre, any author, because choice is another beauty of reading.  Biographies and memoirs count.  All non-fiction counts.  Of course, fiction counts.  Poetry counts.  Graphic novels count.  You could choose something that’s “good for you,” something that will help prepare you for college, say.  Or, not.   It could just be fun.  Any two books.  

    Just know that teachers may plan activities around summer reading during the first days of class in September.  They will certainly ask what you read over the summer, so have an interesting answer.  Then, ask them what they read!

    Of course, there are exceptions to every rule.  Students enrolled in AP Lit, Honors Brit Lit, or AP Lang must read specific assigned texts.  Visit your teacher’s website for the particular summer work.  

    If you are interested in what’s going on right now, in politics or pop culture, in science or art, in current events, you might try the NY Times Summer Reading Contest. 

    There are all sorts of ways to find a good book.  Ask friends and teachers, not just English teachers, by the way.  Ask parents and librarians.   The following links might also inspire an idea:

    NY State Summer Reading Page

    Goodreads Listopia

    NPR’s Book Page

    PBS, The Great American Read 

    The New York Times Book Page and The Times Summer Reading Page.

    The College Board’s list of 101 books for college-bound readers

    We Need Diverse Books

    Best wishes for a wonderful summer.



    MHS AP Lang., Mrs. Curtis

    MHS AP Lit., Mrs. Nazarian

    MHS Brit. Lit., Ms. Loucks (Hawryschuk)


    SHS AP Lang., Mr. Davidson

    SHS AP Lang., Ms. Hastings

    SHS AP Lit., Mr. Northrup

    SHS Brit. Lit., Mrs. Marshall









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