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Summer Construction Focuses on Capital Improvement Project Work and Emergency Roof Repair

As part of the first phase of the 2023 Capital Improvement Project (CIP), a variety of work was completed around the District this summer. 

One of the most noticeable renovations was to the Pittsford Schools’ Swim Team changing room and shower facilities at Mendon High School. With more than 20 consecutive Section V titles won by both the boys’ and girls’ swim teams, our champion swimmers will enjoy a variety of upgrades, including new showers and lighting, a protective/decorative wall wrap featuring school colors and swim imagery, and new benches and cubbies that are in the process of being installed. Mendon and Sutherland swimmers are combined into one Pittsford team, and since the girls’ swim season in the fall and the boys’ season is in the winter, both teams will benefit from this space.

Other CIP construction included the installation of energy efficient LED lights in gyms and auditoriums in various locations, a fan motor replacement in the basement of Mendon High School, and emergency backup generators at Mendon High School, Thornell Road Elementary School and the Transportation/Maintenance/Food Services facility. This completes the installation of emergency generators at all Pittsford Schools’ buildings.

In a separate project, the roof over the Sutherland High School auditorium and library was replaced after sustaining damage from a windstorm this past winter.

Emergency generators were installed at MHS, TRE and TMF, finalizing the plan to install a generator at each site in the District  Energy-efficient LED lights were installed in gyms and auditoriums  Fan motor at MHS  New showers, wall-wrap and lighting in swim team locker room