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A Message from Superintendent Pero - COVID-19 Updates (8/27/21)

Dear Families and Colleagues,

It has been wonderful to see our schools filled with students, staff and families during various orientations – a good sign that we are really going back to school full time this year. Since my last update, we have been working on revising our COVID-19 protocols. Please view the following link for updates:

This link will continue to update as processes, procedures, and Guidance evolves throughout the school year. Below, I have highlighted and provided a short overview of some of the protocols within the link that seem to be the biggest areas of questions. I encourage you to read these in their entirety.

Health Screening (students and staff no longer have to complete morning screenings via Qualtrics, but we ask that parents continue to screen their children at home and staff to self-assess prior to entering school)

Face Coverings (where and when they are mandated and role of mask breaks)

Quarantine Instructions (implications if vaccinated vs. not vaccinated and exposed to COVID-19) Flow charts from Monroe County Department of Health

Video on Rapid Testing (illustrates how the rapid tests are administered) Should we implement testing again this year, it will be voluntary – similar to last year.

Cleaning and Disinfecting (protocols and guidance for PCSD Schools on cleaning and disinfecting actions to reduce the risk of transmission)

Other Information:

This link will take you to my prior update from August 16: Superintendent's Update Regarding Re-Opening Schools (8/16/21) (

On August 24, Governor Hochul announced a comprehensive plan for a safe, productive return to school. During this announcement, she directed the Department of Health to institute universal mask requirements in all schools. She also discussed vaccinations and testing. At this point, schools have not received official Guidance on these issues. We are expecting this Guidance soon and once received, I will communicate any potential changes to our protocols.

I look forward to the start of the school year and the sense of community that comes with it. Thank you for your continued support throughout the last 18 months of continuous change.

Enjoy the weekend.

Michael Pero
Superintendent of Schools