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Grossology Lab teaches second graders about germs


Second graders at Park Road Elementary recently conducted a Grossology Lab as part of the Pittsford PTSA’s Science Action Program. 

During the Grossology Lab, students and parent volunteers had fun discovering what germs are, how they spread and how they enter the body; identifying ways to avoid catching and spreading germs; and exploring what a scab is and why our bodies make them.

A parent volunteer, or, “Patient Zero,” put a glow powder on their hands, and greeted students as they entered to room with a hand shake, pat on the back, high five, etc. Students were later able to see with a black light this visual representation of germs and how they spread after seeing how the powder transferred to themselves.

Students then split into groups for activities that explained how germs can spread through sneezing and coughing, and how to prevent that spread; and how scabs are formed and how they protect the body.

Science Action is a set of standards-based, parent-led science labs that give children an opportunity for supported, hands-on science learning and gives parents the chance to see their student’s class in action.