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New York State’s 988 Phone Number for Behavioral Health Crisis Hotline Goes Live July 16

As part of New York State’s comprehensive crisis response system, a 988 phone number for the Behavioral Health Crisis Hotline will go live on July 16, 2022. According to the NYS Office of Mental Health, dialing 988 will provide an immediate connection to highly trained, local crisis counselors to offer emotional support and assistance for behavioral health crises, suicide prevention, and connections to services in the community for support and recovery.

Fast Facts:

  • 988 is the new FCC-designated three-digit number that connects callers with behavioral health crisis counselors (beginning July 16, 2022).

  • Once it goes live on July 16, 2022, callers who dial 988 will be connected to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline call centers.

  • The New York State Office of Mental Health has created a monthly newsletter that will provide updates, education, and information on 988.
    • To stay current on the development and implementation of 988 in New York, sign up for the 988 Updates and Education newsletter at When you click on the link a blank email message will open. All you will need to do is press “send” and you will be signed up for the newsletter.