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Elementary Students Go Above and “Bee-yond” for Science

Students planting

Pittsford CSD elementary school students have gone above and “bee-yond” in planting Pollinator Gardens at each of the District’s five elementary schools.

These 3’x12’ raised beds filled with PTSA-funded plants, and soil donated from the Town of Pittsford, will provide ample learning opportunities for the K-5 students as the gardens correlate with the K-5 Life Science Units.

  • The Kindergarten unit, Worm Scouts, looks at patterns of what plants and animals need to survive.

  • The First Grade unit, A Bunny's Life, looks at how plants and animals use their external structures to survive, grow and meet their needs.

  • The Second Grade unit, Save the Bees, studies the importance of pollinators and how plants and animals depend on each other for survival.

  • The Third Grade unit, Generations of Monarchs, looks at the diverse life cycle of the Monarch Butterfly's Methuselah Generation.

  • The Fourth Grade unit, A Walk in the Park, looks at the internal and external structures of plants and animals that function to support survival, growth, behavior, and reproduction.

  • The Fifth Grade unit, Deer, Deer, Everywhere, looks at the movement of matter among plants (producers), animals (consumers), decomposers and the environment.

All units look at how to reduce the impact of humans on living and non-living things in our local environment.

This summer, the curriculum will be modified to incorporate these specific lessons at each grade level with the work being done in the gardens. The District will coordinate with PTSA, Girl Scouts and Maintenance to take care of the gardens during July and August.

ACE Garden JRE Garden MCE Garden PRE Garden TRE Garden