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Honor an Educator and Support the Pittsford Education Foundation

One of the many ways the Pittsford Education Foundation supports Pittsford Schools is through its Honor an Educator program. Pittsford teachers, administrators and staff members work hard to support the needs of students. Whether it is in the classrooms, on the athletic fields, stages, buses, or in the cafeterias, PCSD staff members give it their all every day. The Pittsford Education Foundation’s Honor an Educator Program (HAE) is a way for families to show appreciation for PCSD educators and staff members who have made a difference in their children’s lives, while supporting critical needs of our students.  

With a donation of $30 or more, families can both honor an educator and support the Pittsford Education Foundation, a nonprofit foundation dedicated to establishing sustainable funding beyond what the government can provide in support of the Pittsford Central School District’s children, families, and educators in their pursuit of educational distinction and development. To download and print the nomination form or complete the nomination process online, visit and click on the Honor an Educator tab.

Once the form and donation are received, the Superintendent, a Board of Education member, and the HAE coordinator will surprise the honoree during the school day. The honoree will receive a small gift, and the Superintendent will share who submitted the nomination and why.

The donations received in honor of an educator or staff member are used for school technology and to provide students in need of financial support with supplies, meals, clothing, eye-glasses, field trips, and other necessities, to ensure equal access to the entire Pittsford educational experience. “This focus area has never been more important given the challenges many are facing right now,” said Superintendent Pero. The Honor an Educator program also helps provide increased access to innovative technology to optimize learning.

The Pittsford Education Foundation is a nonprofit organization founded in 1992 to increase financial resources supporting the District in addressing the most critical strategic educational initiatives that face the children in our community. The Foundation board also engages our community as ambassadors – working to improve our schools and prepare our students for the world.