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PASS Honors 2018-19 Inclusive Educators of the Year

Pittsford Advocates for Special Students (PASS) recognized Heidi Rasmussen and Brian Tripp, Mendon High School Physical Education Teachers, and Elizabeth Willis, Barker Road Middle School Learning Specialist, as recipients of the 2018-19 PASS Inclusive Educator of the Year award.

This award honors Pittsford staff members who promote an atmosphere of learning that includes students with learning and social challenges. The award recipients were celebrated and presented with their awards during a PASS meeting on June 11, 2019, at Barker Road Middle School.

PASS is a PTSA support group for families and caregivers who have children with different learning abilities. The District’s students, parents and staff can nominate Pittsford staff members for the Inclusive Educator of the Year award every year.

Inclusive Educator of the Year award recipients
Heidi Rasmussen (left), Brian Tripp (center) and Elizabeth Willis with their awards at the PASS meeting.