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Mendon High School Senior John Santowski Named Scholar Athlete of the Year

John Santowski with coaches and awards
L-R Scott Barker (Athletic Director), John Santowski, Mark Hurley (Soccer Coach), and Andrew Whipple (Lacrosse Coach)

Mendon High School senior John Santowski has been named a 2022 Scholar Athlete of the Year, earning Student Athlete Scholarships from the National Interscholastic Athletic Administration Association’s (NIAAA) Chapter 5, New York State and Region 1. Student athletes across New York State compete for these scholarships that recognize distinguished scholastic achievement, leadership and sportsmanship.

As a three-sport athlete with a grade point average of 97.8, Santowski earned these awards for his dedication and leadership as team captain on Mendon High School’s soccer, wrestling and lacrosse teams, and for a work ethic that has also led to excellence in academics. He is eligible for the NIAAA national award, which will be announced in July.

In reflecting on the success he has achieved as a student athlete, Santowski said he feels fortunate to have been team captain for multiple teams, but felt most impacted when he was chosen to wear the Todd Pelino #9 Jersey in honor of a former soccer player who lost his life in the World Trade Center on 911. “Being selected to wear the #9 jersey has pushed me to be better in every aspect of life. With it being a well-known award in the community, I knew that not only would my teammates and coaches be looking up to me but also younger players that strive to be the best in all that they can do,” he said.

“I am proud of John and all he has achieved,” said Superintendent Pero. Wearing the #9 Jersey and earning these impressive scholar athlete awards recognizes hard work and leadership, but it is also a reflection of John’s character and the kind of leadership and character Todd Pelino demonstrated as a student athlete himself,” he said.

Santowski said he will utilize the time management, communication and leadership skills he developed as a student in Pittsford Schools at Washington Lee University where he will compete on the Wrestling Team, as well as in his professional career and throughout life. “As I continue into college and the workplace, I will be able to build on the lessons I learned to excel in all aspects of my life,” he said.