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Late Bus info

Late Bus Info and routes

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Late Bus info: The Late Buses run every day, departing BRMS between 3:45-4:05.  When you are staying after school for a club, or Homework Center or working with a teacher or going to Intramurals, you can either take the late bus home or have your parents pick you up at 3:25 in the student pick-up loop on the side of the building.  If you are taking the late bus, make sure you get a green late bus pass from the teacher with whom you are staying.  We have signs posted around school with the late bus routes - look for your street or neighborhood and write that number on your pass along with your address. Wait in the commons area until your bus is called. The buses do not arrive in order; for example, sometimes bus 4 comes first, sometimes it arrives last.  When your bus is called, proceed out the front doors and give your green bus pass to the bus driver. The late buses take a different route then the regular buses so your ride might be a little longer.  Be sure to listen carefully when the bus numbers are called so you don't miss it!   If you have any questions about the late bus, ask in one of the offices or a teacher.