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A Message from Superintendent Pero: Update on Capital Improvement Projects

Pittsford Schools are moving forward with implementing safety initiatives included in the recently approved capital improvement project that details additional safety and security measures for students and staff. The initial focus will be to harden the main entrances and create a secure, single point-of-entry at each school. This will be accomplished through various means, including architectural, technological, and procedural methods.

Architectural enhancements will involve constructing or enhancing double-door vestibules at each school location. The vestibules will regulate traffic flow by creating a chamber with a transaction window where visitors will check-in before being granted access to the school building. Intruder locks for large assembly areas like auditoriums and gymnasiums will be enhanced later this year. This phase of the capital project is focused on containing and delaying unauthorized entry into the building and large gathering spaces.

Technical improvements will include upgrading security systems District-wide, including security cameras and card readers. Procedural improvements will involve a comprehensive review of current policies and procedures, especially as it relates to single point-of-entry.

Main entrance door construction plans will be submitted in June to the New York State Education Department for approval. Based on their estimated five-month approval process, followed by soliciting bids for competitive pricing on labor and materials, the construction is expected to commence next summer. The anticipated completion of this phase will be by the start of the 2024-2025 school year.