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Chapter 1: Native Americans

Interactive World Geography Review link link link

Native American Website *learn about the culture and adaptation skills of a number of native groups! link

Please see  "First Nations of North American" section and select a group!
Iroquois Constitution- link

ENRICHMENT- Monday/Tuesday PARAGRAPH: Where you live impacts how you live.  Click the link, then enter your Office 365 user name and password- LINK (remember, user name: FORGOT your PW, e-mail me, then use this BACK-UP LINK RESOURCES  link  link 

Iroquois Video- enhanced by EdPuzzle (7 minutes)  link
Iroquois Documents link
Iroquois Video- 6 min. , Primary Source Documents link Accomplishments:    INCAS   MAYAS  AZTECS   Native American Housing link Should we celebrate Columbus Day Video: link