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Chapter 6: Road to Revolution

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REVIEW the Colonial Grievances on notebook pages
52-53 and make sure they are compete! Know all 12 vocabulary words!

1. Sons of Liberty Activity

2. Brainpop: Causes of the American Revolution link
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3. Brainpop Review Activity & Quiz (

****EXTRA, OPTIONAL ***4. Liberty Tree NewsELA & Quiz link
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American Revolution Causes REVIEW link
Mission US- Mission 1:

Boston Massacre Resources
Boston Massacre Article & Video Clip (5 minutes)- Go History Go  
* Check out the  Boston Massacre CSI website 

Boston Massacre Primary Source- Obituary

Boston Massacre- & Trial of a Century Article

*Boston Tea Party
 *lined paper, MLA heading, answer the
question posed on the link above after reading the entire article.

Lexington & Concord
Declaration of Indep. & Common Sense
Dec of Indep MUSIC VIDEO