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Chapter 8: Confederacy to Constitution

Section 1: 1: General INFO
- Three Branches SORT- Click here 
- Presidents Trivia link
- Brainpop Three Branches link
- Fun Facts about the Presidents article

 Section 2: FLASHCARDS
FLASHCARDS FLASH CARD Set #1: Basic Facts link FLASH CARD Set #2: Early Government link FLASH CARD Set #3: Government con't. - coming soon! BONUS FLASH CARD SET: link 

Section 3: Articles & Ratifying the Constitution
Our First Constitution Articles of Confederation- link (includes audio and quiz)
Antifederalists & Brutus No. 1 link

Section 4: Bill of Rights
Identify the Amendment of the Bill of Rights: link

Section 5: Branches of Government

The Supreme Court Tutorial (Judicial Branch)
- click here

*The Executive Branch
Executive Command Game- click here Seven Hats of the President ARTICLE- link 
More resources
...Presidential Power Brainpop  link

iCivics Government Games-
ELECTORAL COLLEGE: Link 1- Brainpop (username:calkinsmiddle pw:pms)    link 2   Brainpop is also available LINK 3- 270forthwin WEBSITE

*The Legislative Branch "I'm just a Bill"- School House Rock link Silly Laws across the US link

Bill of Rights Rap Click Here  Life Without the Bill of Rights Simulation- link not working Restore it Click Here Concentration  Click Here  Interactive Game  Click Here

The Judicial Branch
BRAINPOPS relating to this unit! link (username:calkinsmiddle pw:pms)       

1. Bill of Rights       
2. Presidential Power (make flash card)       
3. Political Parties   
4. How a Bill becomes a Law
5. Branches of Government         
6. Constitution

EXTRAS: CREATE your CROSSWORD PUZZLE online.  Be sure to print out a blank puzzle, along with the KEY! US Government Games- click here (Shepard Software) Periodic Tables of... Mt. Rushmore link, Presidents & $money$

Click on Who's Who FIRST!  (see link below)                                          

Sheppard Software GAMES- here 

Government Review Tools Basic Vocabulary-  

OLD FLASH CARDS- new, updated ones are posted above Government- Set 1 (Basic Facts) Blue Team  (10 terms) Government- Set 1 B   FAST FACTS (8 terms) Government- Set 2 (People People in Office) (11 terms)

Electoral College Video (7min) Click Here
Sheppard Software U.S. Government Games

   Executive Branch "Executive Command" Game (click)

Judicial Branch in a Flash Reading (Just read pages 3-4) CLICK