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Chapter 11: Industrial Revolution

textbook link 

e-Text Simulations- link,  complete in ISN  Simulation 1: Factory System

1.Identify and describe a power source that would help us advance during the First Industrial Revolution.

2.Explain how the lives of the following people would be changed with the introduction of the factory system: ❶factory worker ❷children ❸consumer

3.Describe life at the Lowell Mill in Massachusetts.

Simulation 2: Transportation- Q's are in

CHILD, FORCED and SLAVE Labor TODAY- On page 103 of your ISN, label the title "Connections to Today" and space out the following Questions on that page of your notebook: A. List TOP 3-5 things that surprised you after viewing the first 7 minutes. B. THINK- How do these companies get away with SLAVE, FORCED and CHILD LABOR? C. How could this be changed? Watch the first 10 minutes of TED TALKS- "Your favorite companies should worry you..." 17 min. ( you may watch more if you have extra time)
Sweatshops Exposed - 17 minutes

 SHARK TANK- 8 minutes
Worst Pitches- link watch from 8:59-10:15
Tree Teepee- 

Child Labor in U.S.
Child Labor Worldwide
Child Labor & Sweatshops
Improvements in Travel-

Roads & Turnpikes - PREZI 
Steam Boat-Hard Copy in Folder...Electronic version CLICK HERE
Corduroy Road- CLICK HERE

Conestoga Wagon LINKS

  Background Info  watch Video Clip of a Real ONE! 

Erie Canal Links  Read Article- link and take notes on the following: 1. Basic QUICK facts- jot them down 2. What is the significance (importance) of the canal? Who/what did it impact? 3. What connection can you make with the Erie Canal and the background information you have learned this chapter? Goal is 3 valuable connections. 4. Check out HOW it Works 3- click on "3", you do not need to write anything down for this one, just be able to verbally explain how the "lock" system works (in general)