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Chapters 15-18: The Nation Breaking Apart, Civil War

Advantages & Disadvantages LINK- 11 min.
Robert E Lee- 4 minutes Note the generals in the margin of the Civil War Map in your ISN Union Leaders- 4 minutes CSA Leaders- 4 minutes

First Shots Fired(HW ASSIGNMENT) : Fort Sumter- Link (8 minutes) WATCH it! Be sure to know: *Key Take-Aways * Effects

The Great Escape - Robert Smalls video clip- link

Civil war 150 website: LINK

Civil War Simulation
Game 1
People of the Civil War

Glory- click here
* Interesting Facts about Glory- link

DK Civil WAR- click on KEY BATTLES link

Discrimination during the Civil War article ***TASK- add information to your notes from class today.  Be sure to add details and highlight your NEW information in yellow.

Life of a Soldier (U vs C)website
*** TASK- after checking out the website (click and read about uniforms, food and weapons), then, on an index card, create 4-5 questions to ask Mr. Falzoi during his presentation.

Gettysburg Video Clips- 3 minutes eachStrategy     Little Round Top     Pickett's Charge 

Gettysburg Interactive Map (CLASS TIME)- click here

Civil War 150 website:
You are THERE Simulation (click on Civil War) 

Additional Gettysburt Videos - 17 minute video
Gettysburg Video - 8 minute video

Sherman's March  link
Civil War Simulation link

Civil War Battles Civil War 150 History Channel Website Wiki Page , click here
What Ever Happened to Jefferson Davis- 8 minutes

Chapter 18

First African American Elected to Congress