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Pittsford Raises Banner in Support of Equity

In support of our nation’s fight against racism, Pittsford’s Superintendent Pero, Town Supervisor Smith, and Village Mayor Corby posted a joint humanitarian message at Town Hall on July 7, 2020 from the Town, Village and School District that the lives of our Black fellow Americans matter.

“We say Black lives matter in support of fighting for equality of treatment, to challenge actual racism wherever it exists; to stand up to ideologues who seek to damage our society by hijacking this important cause, to stand up to opportunistic white supremacists who are already exploiting the current climate of division, fear and disunity.

We say Black lives matter to state an obvious moral truth – that people are individuals, whose experiences and identities are not reducible to their race or outward appearance.

We say Black lives matter as a first step toward open-minded, fact-based investigation into the roots of our social problems. We say it to protect Black lives. We say it to support the goals of those who have struggled to ensure that individuals are judged by the content of their character and not the color of their skin.”

Officials holding sign   Sign at Town Hall