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State Education Department’s School Reopening Guidance

On Monday, July 13, 2020, Governor Cuomo shared the plan for reopening NYS schools for the 2020-2021 school year. The decision to reopen is based on a formula that uses current COVID-19 data. The reopening formula only provides for areas in Phase IV with a daily infection rate of 5% or lower over a 14 day average. After the Governor’s August 1-7 decision to open a school is made, the decision could be reversed if a spike occurs and the daily infection rate is above 9% over a seven day average.

Additionally, the NYSED’s School Reopening Guidance Document was provided as guidance to school districts as they develop their mandatory reopening plans – whether instruction occurs in person, remotely, or in some combination of the two.

The Pittsford Central School District (PCSD) has been working on reopening plans for several weeks in advance of this guidance. A reopening steering committee has been laying the ground work for various plans that depend upon infection rates in our community. On July 14 and 15, a group of more than 70 PCSD stakeholders will convene to review the steering committees work and dissect the NYSED’s School Reopening Guidance Document to ensure all aspects of the guidance are addressed. During this stakeholder workshop, the results of the recent parent survey will be shared and processed. The survey results will be posted online this week.

The final plan will include protocols for health and safety, nutrition, facilities, transportation, social emotional well-being, attendance, technology and connectivity, teaching and learning, special education, English as a second language, and staffing.

When plans are finished and include the mandatory elements outlined in the NYSED’s School Reopening Guidance Document, they must be posted on the PCSD website. And, districts must provide these plans and live links to NYSED by July 31, 2020.

Updates on the progress of these plans will be shared in the Superintendent’s email updates and here on the district website.