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Cultural Proficiency Training Continues with “Transforming Professional Practice” Workshop

As Pittsford Schools continues its initiative toward improving cultural proficiency, educational equity, and student success, the District continues to collaborate with Generation Ready, a leading provider of leader and teacher professional learning services in the nation. On February 11, 2020, a combination of approximately 70 Pittsford Schools administrators, teachers, support staff, Board of Education members and parents participated in a fourth full-day workshop focused on transforming professional practice presented by Generation Ready.

Research shows that the student population in the United States is becoming increasingly diverse with a growing range of languages, races, cultures and values. Teachers are actively seeking ways to better serve students in response to these demographic changes.

As part of a series of workshops, Generation Ready’s ‘Transforming Professional Practice’ session allowed participants to take a deeper look at achievement gap correlations and expanded their understanding of how to effectively use Cultural Proficiency tools as a guide to addressing access and achievement issues. Participants worked collaboratively to build upon their learning from previous Generation Ready sessions and expand their understanding of the historical perspective in education.

Attendees also examined culture at the individual and organizational level and learned how to use cultural proficiency tools as a guide for transforming professional practices for inclusion and equity. One of the biggest takeaways was the importance of getting to know each child on an individual basis, acknowledging the value that their diversity brings, and better understanding that each child may need something different to feel included, valued, and be successful.  The differences between equality and equity were highlighted.  This was also a great time to reflect on our individual and collective “Why” this work is imperative.  Pittsford Central School District administrators and stakeholders will continue to move forward with Generation Ready’s series of workshops and activities that will culminate in a District-wide equity plan.