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2020-2021 Budget Guidelines

The Pittsford Central School District Board of Education approved the 2020-2021 Budget Guidelines at their February 10, 2020 meeting.

2020-2021 Budget Guidelines

Develop a Student based budget focused on:

  • Implementation of rigorous, engaging, and authentic curriculum, instruction, assessments and resources that maintain excellence while supporting responsive and relevant offerings
  • Providing experiences, both curricular and extracurricular, that support the varied interests and abilities of the whole child
  • Inclusive Practices
  • Social Emotional Learning supports
  • Mental Health supports
  • Safe school environment and safe facilities
  • Recruiting a diverse candidate pool
  • Hiring and Retaining employees of the highest quality including substitutes

Provide High Quality Professional Learning focused on:

  • PCSD Mission, Vision and Values
  • Curriculum, assessment and instructional practices
  • Equity and Inclusion
  • Health and Safety Preparedness
  • Professional Learning Communities
  • Social and Emotional learning
  • Continuous improvement for instructional and non-instructional staff members

Balance the investment in education with sensitivity to limited community resources by:

  • Seeking new sources of revenue
  • Balancing community expectations for services and programs, with the need to be cognizant of changes in property values, income levels, new state/federal tax laws and other economic uncertainties
  • Seeking cost efficiencies to further address the significantly costly impact of under-funded and un-funded mandates

Maintain fiscal stability now and into the future through:

  • Financially prudent and sustainable reserve accounts
  • Partnerships, Shared Services, Audits
  • Protecting and maintaining our Aa1 bond rating
  • Protecting the community’s investment in facilities and infrastructure
  • Advocacy with legislators relative to appropriate levels of funding

Meet legal mandates and contractual obligations.

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