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2022-2023 School Budget Passes

The Pittsford Central School District 2022-2023 School Budget Passed. Thank you to the PCSD community for your support.

The results are as follows: 3,466 total voters

Budget: $149,598,788, within the tax cap

Yes: 2,419

No: 998

Proposition 1:  Purchase 12 Replacement Buses from Bus Purchase Capital Reserve Fund

Yes: 2,726

No: 686

Proposition 2:  1:1 Device Purchases with Capital Technology Reserve

Yes: 2,753

No: 661

Board of Education: Two Seats, Four Candidates                                               

Nancy Clifford Lewis:  955 votes               

David Berk: 1,534 votes                                        

Emily Kay: 1,937 votes                                          

Tricia González-Johnson: 1,333 votes